With statistical significance, developers despite how professional they are have stated that there is no bug-free software thus the need to test applications or websites from the first development stages. Software testing is a process of assessing the functionality of a software application or a website aiming to check whether it has met the specifications and to detect any faults to produce a high-quality product. The sole purpose of software testing is to identify any software flaws or bugs and correct them. The service providers for software testing are specialists companies which are mostly outsourced because most people do not have a QA team of their own. High software quality is the end goal of these companies because the demand for quality is rising every day.

Services provided by a software testing company

  • Primarily, Testing mobile apps and their performance by checking the responsiveness of pages to load data is the main service provided by these companies.
  • Secondly, a software testing company tests the functionality of a website by checking if the users can access the application. They also ensure that users can log in to a website without error codes appearing by accessibility testing.
  • Also, these companies identify vulnerabilities especially threats of bugs or any malicious activities that could be going on within the website.
  • UI/UX testing is also conducted by these companies but it’s done from the customer experience point of view as well as API testing.
  • Lastly, a software testing company offers cross-browser testing by ensuring that software works well under different browsers there is also compatibility testing.

Significance of a software testing company

Early detection of flaws in the development of a software or a website means that the defect will be corrected in advance and this will lead to low development costs. This saves a lot of money which could be used in another stage of building your website. Also, productivity is heightened when applications are tested in advance or every development step.

Tested software guarantees you fruitful feedback and rating from users as well as better product improvement. These companies are quality driven hence the best is all they offer and this in return adds more users to your applications.

Factors to consider when choosing a software testing company

  • The level of expertise and skills of the software testing team is the main factor to consider because, if a company does not have enough experience they might as well provide insufficient services.
  • The compliance of the company to strict rules and changes in technology because the end goal is to produce the best quality.
  • The various software services they are offering.
  • The relationship the company is supporting that is, if long-term or short term depending on how often you will need the services at each step of developing the software.

In conclusion, the top-listed software testing companies are DeviQA located in Ukraine R&D, TestFort QA lab in Ukraine that offers full-cycle testing services, QualityLogic independent software testing company in the United States and QATestLab outsourcing software testing company among others.

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