Midi Fighters are a new type of musical controller that can be used with any DAW, synth or sound module. They’re designed to make music creation more fun than ever before by providing an intuitive way to create melodies, drum patterns, and effects. Let’s take a closer look at what the Midi Fighter is all about!

What is the Midi Fighter and what does it do

Midi Fighter is a controller with 16 pads, 64 MIDI-programmable pressure, and height sensitive buttons, eight analogue triggers, an expression pedal input for effect devices or volume control. It’s the perfect studio or live performance tool for musicians. 

Pressing Midi Fighter’s pads gives you instant access to sixteen velocity and pressure sensitive drum pads; if you need more pad real estate there are four expansion packs available that fit neatly onto the edges of the controller without cluttering your setup – giving you up to forty total!

How to use the Midi Fighter

Plug synthesizers and drum machines into Midi Fighter using MIDI OUT from the devices. The audio will play on speakers via MIDIJACK, and you can use the 16 triggers to play notes with your hands. Use a laptop computer to connect midi jack to Midi Fighter, and then run Ableton Live or any other DAW that supports MIDI output for track sequencing. You can map sounds from the Ableton mixer (like synths) onto interface holes as well. Then create drums in Live’s Drum Rack by mapping racks onto various controls of Midi Fighter, such as step sequencer mode, octave up/down mode for pitch bar instruments, etc.

Why you would want to use a Midi Fighter

Whether you’re a DJ or just want to make weird music, a Midi Fighter can give your setup a more authentic feel. The percussion pads in particular can feel very natural for playing percussive instruments like drums and claps.

Electronic musicians use it to “make sound effects like electric guitars, bass guitar, or drums” in their live sets because of the tactile response needed for this type of instrument. This helps create new beats or facilitate scratching in performance which takes skills years to develop without a tactile tool to practice with.

Who should buy a Midi Fighter

Are you looking to get a great workout? Prepare music for DJing or live performance? Experiment with creating new sounds and sampling beyond the limits of today’s keyboard hardware? Then please look into Midi Fighters. The Midi Fighter is a compact, durable, and expressive controller designed for the type of people who find joy in discovery. It was conceived as an avenue to augment modern instrumentation by inviting players back into their own sound-space.

The best features of the Midi Fighter  

Midi Fighter 3D

The Midi Fighter 3D is easy to set up for any DAW software because it uses the standard USB MIDI protocol and drivers – as well as WIST connectivity through built-in wireless capability. You can use your favorite musical apps on your computer or smartphone to control MIDI instruments using a simple Bluetooth connection. With two color-coded OLED screens that show you parameter descriptions and current values, there’s no need for foot pedals or countless knobs to complicate things! 

Midi Fighter 64

The Midi Fighter 64 takes our original concepts of a MIDI controller and turns them up to 11. Utilizing full-on gaming buttons alongside 64 RGB LEDs, this is one controller that can handle just about anything you throw at it. The beauty of the RGB lights is that they make the controller visually striking AND super easy to use thanks to their ability to emit different colors of light in response to the input from the user. 

Midi Fighter Twister

You can access tens of thousands of individual samples, loops, and presets with the Twister, so you’ll never be bored again. It also comes with an FM synth engine that plays back your sequences; You can record or capture new notes at any time – Which means that live performance is right in your pocket. The Twister works stand-alone too: it features a built-in intuitive sequencer, chord generator, and drum pad. Lastly, the Twister has been designed to make programming expressive for producers and performers alike; All actions work from across the board as a traditional music synthesizer – making them available to you even when working quickly on stage. 

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