Facebook has become the most addictive social media platform. Unlike other social media platforms where you follow people for sources of entertainment, Facebook helps you connect. With Facebook, you can connect with your EX, your crush, or get personal with people you have known.

But do you know there has been an exponential increase in the Facebook messenger spy apps? It is because people have been obsessed with Facebook messengers. Texting day in and day out, especially in the year 2020 when people were homebound.

From children being picked on by bullies to couples connecting with their Exes, Facebook messengers have a lot of potential. This is why people all over the world were checking on their loved ones through spy apps.

Safespy: Best Facebook Messenger Spy

Do not underestimate the potential of destruction that Facebook messenger can do. If you have been witnessing the increased addiction of your loved ones onto Facebook, you can ensure their safety.

As a matter of fact, your loved ones are not going to tell you about their Facebook password. People are more paranoid about sharing their Facebook account than even their bank accounts. You can be safe, secure and relieved when you opt for Safespy.

Safespy is a web based spy app. It is the best spy app around the corner that makes your messenger spying possible and detection free. The app is so reliable that it has enhanced its user base to over million users in 190 countries. So, it’s a widely used app.

Safespy has more features than just providing access into someone’s messenger. The functions and features are varied and multi faceted. Below are some of the most core functions and features that the app has to render:

Spy Secretly on Facebook Messenger

Safespy has a bespoke stealth mode. The app is web based and this makes it effortlessly secretive. The app is very secretive and safe. You can be watching someone’s Facebook messenger on a real time basis with Safespy and people will have no clue about it.

This kind of ultimate protection gives the most reliable cover shield to users. Spying can instigate feelings of apprehensiveness but all this is catered well with Safespy.

No Jailbreaking or Rooting

Does it get better than the fact that you get to see Facebook messenger remotely. You wouldn’t need someone’s phone at all to see their Facebook messages. All you need to do is to establish a link with their phone and that too can be done remotely.


Keylogger is a superb feature of Safespy. This is because it shows the truth in its entirety. You can see vital keystrokes made by the users on their Messenger. So, you can see what messages they are sending and receiving, but also what they didn’t send.

Hence, you see the utter truth. Any message they delete, you can see. At the same time, you can also sense the intention behind this deletion. Anything they type but don’t send, that too you can see.

Multiple Features

In addition to checking someone’s Facebook messenger, you can also check everything else on their phone. You can see someone’s GPS location, emails, notes, calendars, other social media messages.

This doesn’t end here. You can also see someone’s browsing history, library of apps, messages, media exchange. In a nutshell, anything happening on someone’s phone, you can see first hand.

Safespy: Track Facebook Messages

You can track Facebook messages that are being accessed on someone’s phone. Whether someone is using an iPhone or an Android phone, you can establish an immediate link with the phone with least effort.

To sum up the process, the entire concise paraphernalia of using Safespy to spy on someone’s Facebook messages is listed below:

  1. You sign up on the web based app of Safespy. For signing up, all you need to provide is your email ID. No further details of the users are sought.
  1. After you have signed up on Safespy, you then need to make a plan selection. Safespy has a lot of plans to choose from. The plan range depends upon the volume and extent of tracking you need to engage in. So, make the plan selection accordingly.
  2. After having selected the plan, you will get a set up link on your email ID that you used for registration. The link, when clicked on, will only take a few minutes to set up.
  1. Once set up and installation is complete, you will then need to choose the kind of device you need to spy on. There are two core options- Android devices or iOS devices.

When the device is iOS, you choose iOS as the target platform. You would then need to state the iCloud credentials of the target device. On entering those credentials, you will instantaneously link that iPhone with Safespy. That’s all the process.

When the device is an Android phone, the procedure is simple, but different from iOS. Android does not allow complete and remote accessibility to any app. This can only be done by rooting the app through the target phone. So, you need to download the Safespy app.

But, don’t worry! It is simpler and detection free as you can hide the app the moment you download it. Safespy app is designed in a way that it only weighs 2 MB. It never instigates any suspicion. However, the link to the Android phone is immediate.

Resultantly, you can gain access to someone’s Facebook and other social media messengers. Be it Android or iOS, the process is as simple and time efficient as it can be. The resultant Facebook messenger would look something like this:


When you opt for Safespy, you curb every miniscule risk that could be involved in using a Facebook Messenger spy app. The increasing patronage of Safespy vouches for its security. Hence, there can be no room for second doubts.

Therefore, stop marinating in suspense over what your child, your spouse; your friend is texting on Messenger. You can see it first hand, in less than 10 minutes. Stop thinking, start acting!

Tyler Pack is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart homes technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cybersecurity.

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