Working with electronic files like PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT can be troublesome without having the right pair of tools to do everything for you. As the years go by, we are drawn more towards using digital or electronic files since they are easy to organize and work with. But the real problem is when you need to do a quick conversion or edit on your files.

The best thing about today’s technology is that you can efficiently deal with your files online. Online tools can help you in many ways that even if you are away from the office or your house, you can still manage to work with your files and documents at ease. The best online tool for all of your PDF needs would be PDFBear, which is an online converter tool for free.

Convert PPT to PDF With PDFBear

When converting files with PDFBear, you could worry less about your files’ quality since they are known to provide high-quality output and results. They have also simplified the process by providing instructions on converting files successfully using their tools and features. So, you can quickly convert PPT to PDF without issues. To start the conversion process, here are the steps:

You have to upload and import the file you want to convert. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a PDF file or any file format to PDF since PDFBear can convert both. Click on the Select Files button and choose the file you want to work with. You can also drag and drop the file directly to PDFBear’s website, and the system will scan and convert it for you.

The next step for you is to wait. Once the conversion process starts, you only need a few seconds to get your hands on your newly converted file. It only means that your time won’t be wasted with PDFBear. You can then click on the Download button to save your new formatted file on your computer or share it on your cloud storage.

Supports Multiple Operating Systems

An excellent online tool should also be accessible. PDFBear offers services that can be accessed by both computer devices or smartphones. So if your computer is running on Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, you should be able to access PDFBear. You can also use your smartphone devices to do a quick conversion on the go.

PDFBear made sure that everyone will be able to access their conversion tool without experiencing any issues or problems. It is one of the reasons why PDFBear is considered the best online tool for your PDF needs.

Security System

PDFBear ensures all its users that their files and documents are safe in their hands. They have the most advanced security system that keeps your files safe from being accessed by others. A 256 BIT SSL Encryption powers its security system. So, you can work with your files without having to think about your files getting compromised.

Aside from the advanced security feature, they will also delete any uploaded and converted files on their server to ensure that no one can get their hands on your files and documents without you knowing. In any online tools we work with or use, security is one of the most important things to consider, and PDFBear provides that with confidence.


There are a lot of online tools you can use, but PDFBear will give you everything that you need. Their services are not only limited to converting files. They can also merge, split, compress, and repair corrupted files free of charge. You can go and check PDFBear’s website and level up your converting experience.

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