So, MS Paint IDE 3.0 version has been released recently and it has a cool new feature called OCR or Optical Character Recognition. Even if you do not use MS Paint IDE often (or never) finding out more about this new feature might actually motivate you to learn more about the capabilities of this tool.

What’s new in this 3.0 version?

Obviously, MS Paint IDE 3.0 introduces a new OCR feature that allows you to read and parse information from images and transform it into plain text. In the new version of MS Paint, the tool has been set up in such a way that it can read almost any font. Yet, the fonts which were used to train the system included Verdana, Calibri, Comic Sans, Courier New, Monospaced and Consolas. What should also be mentioned is that the tool works best on Windows operating system. Yet, you can use it with other OS’s. It just needs slight modifications.

What can MS Paint IDE 3.0 do?

The whole list of features includes:

  • reading and highlighting code from image files
  • replacing text from images
  • support for Python, Java, Go and JavaScript
  • Google Assistant support
  • tons of integrated buttons which means users will not have to perform any program modifications
  • a very useful right-click context menu
  • a variety of Git tools
  • IDE theming through CSS files
  • native installer that makes using the tool much easier

Even though MS Paint does not typically have the most favorable reputation, MS paint IDE 3.0 version is actually very practical and helps you deal with tons of tasks in a very efficient way.

In case you want to understand how MS Paint IDE 3.0 works, here is a very simple description: it is an app that runs alongside MS Paint when you are using it. The main aim of the app is to read images you make in MS Paint. In order to read them and offer you an understandable piece of information, the optical character recognition feature has been created and developed. With its help, it becomes possible to read, highlight, execute and parse actual text.

Can this tool be used by students?

Absolutely. With the introduction of the optical character recognition feature any student at school, college or university will find MS Paint IDE 3.0 very useful. A lot of images are used in the learning process. What is more, image files are often included in the teaching instructions. Therefore, having a tool that will help you transmit that info from an image into text in a couple of minutes is really handy. It will be of great help with business law homework tasks when a lot of attached files are typically images. What it means is that a student will not have to look for business law assignment help from a paper writer at one of the essay writing services to try and decode messages on those image files. A superb law assignment help tool is right on hand.

Ms Paint is one of those programs that is often laughed at because not that many people actually use it, not to mention the fact that it has not had any cool features for a very long time. Yet, with the introduction of the newly released MS Paint IDE 3.0 and its cool optical character recognition feature tons of customers will finally start using this tool and OCR will become insanely popular. In other words, introduction of the option of optical character recognition gives the company a huge boost which will most likely increase its popularity on the market. Perhaps, Microsoft will take notice and start introducing other useful features with updated versions of its other programs sometime soon. Due to the introduction of the new OCR feature, MS Paint IDE 3.0 has definitely become a more practical tool for the customers than MS Word, Eclipse or Notepad.

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