Using the internet and internet standards to transmit fax, instead of using a regular telephone link and a fax machine, is Internet fax, e-fax, or online fax.

The process of exchanging fax messages with conventional cell phone fax machines is a defining characteristic of Internet fax relative to other Online communications, such as Gmail and mac.

Online faxes reduce communication costs dramatically, particularly when long faxes are commonly transferred abroad or faraway offices.

Because there is no charge for a telephone link when transmitting a fax over the Internet, the cost of sending a fax is completely covered by the Internet connection fee for a broadband connection. To be ready to accept faxes sent through the internet fax system, the recipient may have to use a fax machine or an online fax facility.

Sending a Fax From Gmail

The following step in writing and submit your fax once you have signed up for an online system that facilitates faxing by email. The Gmail address you are preparing to fax from would be the identical email address on your Gmail fax supplier’s register. Your communication effort is likely to be ignored if not.

Based on the fax system you choose, the exact steps required can differ slightly.

  1. Click or tap the Compose button to generate a new email message in Gmail, from inside the application or the computer application.
  2. Insert the recipient’s (including area code) fax number in the To zone, preceded by the domain of your fax service.
  3. The fax material that requires to be inside the attached document can now be incorporated. Several systems are available, such as, amongst many others, DOC, JPG, PDF, and TXT.

Several attachments are required by most fax providers, the details of which are always merged when the fax has been sent. Click the Attach files button in the browser, which is represented by a paper clip and placed at the bottom of the New Message interface. Tap the paper clip icon located in the top right corner of the device if you’re using the Gmail app then.

  1. You may also add a personal statement when submitting fax from Gmail, just as with a conventional fax post. In the body of the text, enter the requested content for the personal statement, even if you’re just submitting a regular email.
  2. Pressed send until you’re pleased with both your covering letter and attachment(s). And although the pace is somewhat dependent on the third-party supplier, the fax must be transferred immediately. Verification of this fax transfer is probably accessible within your fax provider’s user experience.

Send Faxes from Mac

  1. Opening the document you would like to send faxes from mac, pick the control File, and then the control Print. Press on the PDF button, as well as from the pop-up list, pick Fax PDF.
  2. In the To section, enter the fax number, plus 1 as well as the postcode, of the individual to whom you would like to transmit the fax. Pick the Internet Modem (or whatever) in the Modem case as the tool to dispatch your fax.
  3. Choose the Use Cover Page choice if you prefer a cover page, and select the following text and a short post.
  4. To check the fax before submitting it, just use the display window and then press the Fax key.


Fax mailing and getting are still broadly utilized all over the global economy, and online fax providers have surfaced to allow consumers to switch to such internet fax services from conventional fax machines.

So, if you are one of those who wants to transmit and receive faxes frequently and are still dedicated to the ancient fax machines, really are just a few other benefits of receiving and sending a fax from the web or mobile apps with online fax providers.

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