Google Chrome is a surprise release by Google into the web browser market.  Although many had speculated about a GBrowser, the immediate availability without much pre-release buzz was indeed unexpected.  The first word came yesterday from the official Google blog, with a link to a trailer-style comic book presenting the product.  The beta version has since been released as open source.  The web browser market is not saturated, but is highly competitive, with Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Firefox from Mozilla, Safari from Apple, and Opera from Opera Software being the established solutions.

Although the new browser is not yet as feature-rich as other browsers on the market, it does offer superior speed and a few unique touches.  Google Chrome will definitely be a browser to watch going forward as it matures.  Unfortunately for Google, shortly after the release, it was reported that the browser has security vulnerabilities.  It’s not entirely unexpected with a new product since both Internet Explorer and Firefox have ongoing vulnerability issues, but I’m sure that’s not what Google was hoping to hear about on the same day the browser launched.

Google Chrome can be downloaded here for those interested in checking it out.

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