Kodi confirmed 17.6 will be the final of six Krypton updates. Krypton was first pushed out in February 2017. The current version of the Kodi software included several UI improvements and added many new functionalities. The new update polishes what the previous six iterations improved and ensures the Kodi experience is fully bug-free.

The Fixes

Kodi Krypton 17.6 update mainly targets peripherals functionality, UI improvement, and more. Here is the full list of updates:

  • Fix possible crash in controller dialog.
  • Update standard scrapers to the latest version available on release.
  • Fix possible connection issues with the internal web server.
  • Fix crash when peripheral joystick add-on is disabled.

The 17.6 Krypton release will include exactly the same features as its predecessors. As per usual, Kodi’s bug-fix updates do not include any new feature but rather focus on improving stability and usability. You can click here to read the full blog post that accompanied the release of the new update.

Where Can I Download the Update?

To download the new Kodi update, you can visit the official Kodi website or click here to reach the download page directly. Kodi is available on multiple platforms including Windows and iOS. Once you click on the image of the platform you use, either the download will start or the website will direct you to the relevant download link.

For Android phones, Kodi makes its software available via two ways. The Kodi Android application is available in the traditional Play Store and you can find it if you click here. If you prefer to have an APK to install the app on your own accord, whether online or offline, you can head here. In most cases, the process of updating Kodi does not cause a lot of issues. Once the update finishes installing, you should be able to access any content in your library or installed add-ons.

If you’d like to report any bug with the update or Kodi in general, you can visit this guide and follow its simple steps. Alternatively, you can head to the official Kodi forums if you prefer a more hands-on approach. To follow the development team up close and get involved in the development process, you can visit this link. For specific errors, you can check the Github repository.

What’s Next?

In a separate post, Kodi announced the upcoming version of their software, Kodi Leia. The Leia update will target almost every facet of the open source media center. Gaming, live TV, add-ons framework, and platform-specific tweaks are expected to compose the biggest chunk of the update. The full changelog of the update can be found here.

The Kodi development team does not yet have a release date in mind. Although a rough release window would be sometime before the end of the current year. The alpha version of the new release is already available to try if you choose pre-release instead of recommended before you download the software. The Kodi v18 is currently in its 3rd alpha phase. The Kodi’s population has grown rapidly over the past few years and it’s not expected to slow down any time soon.

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