Few events like your trip to a favorite destination, your first sky diving adventure, your kid’s first baby steps, or any other such special moments are rare and hard to come by again.  You certainly would have captured these once in a lifetime events on a video to relive those memories later.

But if the videos get corrupted due to unforeseen circumstances, it is impossible to go back and recapture those moments. However, one thing you can do is, fix these videos with file repair software.

Although repairing can fix the issues, it always comes at a cost your precious time and resources. You might have wondered what could have gone wrong, and how do I avoid such incidents in the future? Well, here are 8 ways to successfully avoid video corruption or repair.

How do You Avoid Video Repair?

Here are a few proven measures that can help you avoid repairing videos.

Every SD card works fine with any camera brands. However, certain cameras work better with SD cards of a certain manufacturer. By using the recommended storage drive, you can capture photos and videos with good quality and can also avoid video corruption. Therefore, you can avoid any video repair in the future.

Completely Charge the Camera Before Using

One common cause of video corruption is unprocessed videos. This can happen if your camera shuts down suddenly while shooting the video. You wouldn’t be able to access the videos unless you repair it. However, you can avoid such incidents in the future by fully charging the camera before use.

Avoid Editing the Videos using Unreliable Applications

If you are looking to edit and add advanced VFX to your videos, try doing that with the help of known reliable tools. Because few third-party editing applications can cause more harm than good to your precious videos. Hence, always go for the best software even if costs you few extra bucks.  

Do not Download Contents from a Spammy Website

While downloading any of your favorite web series or movies, make sure to choose a trusted source. Few sources might deliver you with incomplete videos. Apart from this, the downloaded video files could also have hidden malware in them, which can cause further damage to your computer and its data.

Format the Storage Drive on Camera to avoid Compatibility Issues

Formatting is a good idea when it comes to fixing any errors on the SD card and improve the performances. But if you format the drive on the computer, the card might be not compatible while using it on the camera back again. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to capture the videos. Formatting the drive with proper file system can prevent the corruption of the card and its data when capturing videos. Always try to format the SD card on the camera.

Do not Connect the SD Cards or Flash Drive to a Virus-Infected Computer

Viruses are a major threat to the integrity of the videos. It can easily corrupt your favorite videos. In the worst case, viruses can also delete the videos. Hence, do not connect your camera to any virus-infected computers, to avoid corrupting your videos. Also, install an antivirus and update the software regularly to avoid video corruption.

Avoid Incomplete Downloads and Partial Transfer of Videos

Have a check on your internet strength before downloading any videos online. Interruptions while downloading can cause an incomplete download of the video file. If you are transferring the videos from the camera on to the computer, check if the connecting wire is intact with the USB port. Sometimes, lose connection with the system might lead to an incomplete transfer of videos.

Final Words

Video corruption is very uncertain and sometimes unpredictable. When corruption happens, repairing the video is inevitable. But you can certainly avoid getting into such trouble by following the tips mentioned in the above writeup. However, it is advised to keep backing up the videos on regular basis. This backup data can come in handy as you can rely on a backup copy when the video is corrupted. Therefore, you can avoid video repair in an easy way.

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