The advent of cloud computing technology has certainly brought more than a slight hint of flair, practicality, and increased convenience to the management of business operations as well as individuals’ lives. After all, since when could you travel from one continent to another and not even have to bring along any of your office paperwork, hard disk, or USB drives?!

With the use of cloud computing and applications like Drop Box and GoogleDocs, all you need is access to the World Wide Web, and you’ve got it all at the tip of your fingers. You can store tens and thousands of important business documents in what feels like ‘extra-terrestrial digital zones.’ You can see cloud computing is going to be bringing about some revolutionary changes in how technology stores and manages data in the future. There have already been some very innovative and funny ways in which we’ve seen people using this nifty cloud system. We share with you 4 of the best we’ve found.

1. Printing off the Clouds

Yes, this seemingly impossible feat has finally become possible. Thanks to our trustworthy friend – Google. It sort of is, anyway. What you’ll be needing is a development build from Chrome for your Windows. You can remotely print documents held anywhere in your cloud computing network with this feature.. If you’d rather not use Google, you can throw in a few bucks for another remote printing option like Pogoplug or Dropbox.

2. Don’t Forget the Milk!

Remember the Milk

You may or may not be amongst those absent-minded ones amongst us who regularly forget to pick up the milk, but one thing is for sure – a running and easily customizable to-do list 24/7 will help keep you on your toes. Cloud computing applications like TeuxDeux and Remember the Milk are task management tools that will let you prioritize and list your tasks, tick them off as you go, and even ‘remind you’ of deadlines. This could be an email or text message sent to yourself. Looking to procrastinate on your to-dos by going offline? This clever technology works offline and syncs with your calendar on Google while it has access to wi-fi, keeping you on track even in annoying service areas.

3. Panda Anti Virus on the Cloud

Panda Anti Virus on the Cloud

You’ve seen it all now. It’s the first ever free anti-virus software on the computing cloud network, and it’s offered online for free download. Indispensable services like anti-virus can be priceless for your company. Although the level of security on offer is still disputable, and it’s in its initial development stages. The extremely light interface due to its cloud-based system means high speed protection. They really might be onto something here.

Now, that must have given you a hearty laugh! The ironic thing is, as funny as these situations where cloud computing stepped in to save the day may seem, they’re actually quite practical and potential occurrences in your daily life. Makes you think whether you’ve optimized your use of those clouds yet, doesn’t it? Or have you still got your head stuck in the clouds?

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