Thermaltake Blacx HD DockThe Thermaltake Blacx Hard Drive Docking Station functions as an external hard drive enclosure, but with the brilliant benefit of being able to quickly and easily insert and eject the disk drive without having to get inside the hard drive enclosure.  The unit has many useful purposes for providing extra disk space anywhere needed.  We’re currently using it to provide extra disk space to a network media player.  It could also be used to move large data that will not fit on a USB flash drive between rooms, offices, etc.  The Blacx handles both desktop and notebook drives at sizes up to 1TB.  It also features hot swap support for drives.  The docking station is fully USB 2.0 complaint, to offer speeds as high as 480Mbps, and it works with both PCs and Macs.  The Thermaltake Blacx is very affordably priced at $39.99.

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  1. Absolutely in love with this thing. Painless swapping out if I want to switch to another hard drive, I now keep a stack of hard drives in my old VHS tape rack and just hot swap when I need additional content. Want to pick up a few more with a USB multi-jack and keep them all live, partly because the station just looks cool and always gets comments when people visit.

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