Both of the new Razer keyboards are powered by the same advanced and powerful technology/features used in the popular Razer Lycosa.  The Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition keyboard differs with the addition of a high-gloss acrylic mirror finish and enhanced backlighting.  The Razer Arctosa, on the other hand, offers a more minimal approach as a basic version of the original Razer Lycosa.  It does not feature backlighting, but is equipped with fully macro-programmable and media access keys. The Razer Arctosa is available with silver-printed key letters as well as a black on black version.

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  1. I’ve just got the Razer Lycosa keyboard, and am plagued by the problems of the WASD keys either suddenly stopping working, or behaving as if one of them is stuck down. This happens about once an hour, and it’s an absolute killer for gaming. Razer claim on their website that this problem is limited to a couple of old batches; it isn’t. And they don’t respond to technical support issues at all. For the money, you’d expect a lot better.

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