ASUS Triton 81 CPU Cooler for X58 SystemsASUS has released its first CPU cooler for the soon to be released Intel Core i7 platform. The ASUS Triton 81 offers a 90mm fan that functions between 800 RPM and 2,500 RPM, with a noise level of 18 dBA during normal operation.  The cooler is controlled by the motherboard’s PWM, and presents a blue glows when running.  ASUS’s Triton 81 is constructed of copper, and includes copper heatpipes that link its base with the fins.  The unit weighs 24.16oz, and supports Intel (sockets 1366 and 775) and AMD (sockets 939/940/1207/AM2/AM2+) motherboards.  Pricing and availability information has not yet been announced.

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  1. These types of CPU coolers are getting out of hand. 2-5lb units that leverage their weight against the motherboard far exceed Intel specs on socket and PCB limits. On a test bench, this doesn’t matter much, however the reality is that the true benchmarkers represent a tiny percentage of the consumer market.. 90% of people have their PC in a vertical position.

    It’s just a glaring example of how little design is actually being used in this end of the industry. There are numerous designs that cool just as well and don’t weigh as much (or are lower profile, therefore less leverage against your PCB). Granted, they don’t have the epeen rating, I guess…but that could certainly be overcome with more fins or lights for those ‘needing’ that.

    Just my 2cents worth for wanting PCs to evolve into smaller and faster… /shrug

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