Who Wins: Tesla Model 3 Versus BMW M3 Versus Mercedes-AMG C63

It’s a battle of threes, we have Tesla Model 3, BMW M3, and Mercedes-AMG C63. For the casual observer, BMW and Mercedes-Benz easily mix but Tesla? Don’t they make electric cars and all that Elon Musk stuff?

Tesla Model S

Why not make a three-way comparison on the above car models to see their pros and cons. For this review, we’ll be using aesthetic, performance, and cost of ownership.

Aesthetically Speaking

As one blogger puts it, beauty is subjective. But for a luxury car, sophistication is expected from the outside for all the onlookers to the inside where the driving experience lies.

Tesla Model 3 delivers a minimalist flair, no knobs, dials, and buttons. In fact, you’ll only see the steering wheel and the tablet for navigation. Seats are great, kids not considered.

BMW M3 keeps everything intact from the instrument panel to the buttons for radio and entertainment. It has leather seats that can be adjusted electrically and keeps your seat cool even on a hot day.

Except for the dimensions and settings, Mercedes-AMG C63 basically has all the works, from the instrument panel to the infotainment display. The series features the standard Nappa leather with optional cooled front seats.


You don’t just pay for the car’s body style and appearance. Its specs will guarantee its performance to a hilt. It’s only right to look into them make sure everything is covered.

The C63 has a turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 32-valve engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission and a standard interactive automatic transmission. Think of a 503-horse-powered engine built inside a compact body. The 0-60 mph dash is over in 3.9-seconds.

Model 3 is an all-wheel drive with dual motors. Innovating on the standard AWD, Tesla gives its users the option to drive using either motor. It also promises the quickest acceleration with lowered suspension and powerful brakes. Surprisingly Model 3 can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds!

Aggressively powerful. That’s how BMW describes its M series and dubs M3 as the soul of motorsport. It has a 3.0-liter turbo inline six-cylinder engine with 425 horsepower. BMW M3 can only accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds way behind C63 and Model 3.

Cost of Ownership

For the luxury car market, one can overlook the price or look the other way at the five figures or more. Still, it doesn’t hurt to look at the numbers when you finance any of these cars. After all, you still need to take care of the maintenance, repair, and insurance.

Tesla Model 3 has succeeded in marketing a luxury car into a mass-produced one. At the base level, the MSRP for Model 3 is $35K. But the standard battery for it is yet to be available so there’s the long-range one that jacks up the starting price to $49K. Opt for the dual-motor AWD and you’ll be paying at least $55K for the car.

A Mercedes-AMG C63 coupe, for instance, has an MSRP of $67,500, If you put a downpayment of $6,750 and finance the rest for 60 months with 0% APR, your estimated monthly payment is $1,031.

BMW M3 starts at $66,500, excluding taxes and fees. Financing and leasing are options for the M3. Your monthly payment will primarily depend on your down payment, the term of the loan, and APR.

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