Polestar is now updating the software in its Polestar 2 car with support for YouTube, a new range assistant, and an upgraded Apple CarPlay. The first news is that the built-in software, based on Android Automotive, now includes support for YouTube, which is perfect for when you, for example, are waiting for the car to charge.

The second news is a new app designed to assist with the car’s range. Drivers can now monitor their energy consumption over the last 20, 40, or 100 kilometers, with real-time information suggesting alternative driving styles to improve efficiency. The app also includes a new algorithm for the estimated range display, which takes into account changes in the environment and other factors affecting efficiency. This new estimated range can also be viewed in the instrument cluster if desired.

Finally, the car’s CarPlay integration receives an upgrade, allowing for additional phone and media information to be displayed outside of CarPlay in the car. Users can also handle calls using the buttons on the steering wheel and have call and Apple Maps information shown on the car’s instrument cluster.

The update, version 2.9, is the fifteenth over-the-air update that the automaker has rolled out to the electric vehicle since 2020.

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