The actor Paul Newman bought this Volvo brand new in 1988. It’s a 745 Turbo, and under the hood is a factory-turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing around 160 horsepower. Paul thought that was a bit weak, so he had a V6 engine from a Buick GNX installed instead.

Paul Newmans volvo 745

The engine is a 3.8-liter with a turbocharger, producing around 320 horsepower. A five-speed gearbox was fitted to the engine, sourced from a Pontiac Firebird. The suspension and sway bars were upgraded to handle the new power.

Ex-Paul Newman Modified Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon- Walk Around

Visually, the car is quite understated and could be considered a sleeper. The car is now up for auction, and you can find the ad at the link below. At the time of writing, the bid is up to $25,000

Paul Newmans volvo 745 back
Paul Newmans volvo 745 engine
Paul Newmans volvo 745 front
Paul Newmans volvo 745 interior

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