This year, Mercedes will release 15 new models, either as updates to existing models or entirely new ones. One new model that stands out is the upcoming AMG GT, and a leaked document reveals that it will go on sale in October. A picture of the car was leaked in January, and although it is a new AMG GT, we should not expect a revolution.

Current Mercedes-AMG GT
The current Mercedes-AMG GT

The document also reveals that the new E-Class will go on sale in June, the new GLC Coupe will arrive in September, and the CLE, which will replace the current C-Class and E-Class Coupe, will also arrive in October. The updated versions of GLE, GLS, GLA, and GLB will all be presented in September. A, B, CLA, and GLS 600 Maybach will also receive facelifts this year, but it is unclear when they will be released. A Maybach EQS is also on the way.

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