Koenigsegg shared some additional details about the production-ready version of the Gemera last Friday, but only to a select group of invitees.


Some information leaked from that event, but now Koenigsegg has officially released more information. The car features a three-cylinder engine delivering 600 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque. In addition to that, it has an electric motor providing 800 horsepower. Both power sources can drive the front or rear wheels independently or work together. Although the horsepower is lower compared to what was initially discussed (back then it was mentioned as 1700 horsepower), the car is lighter, so it still ends up on the plus side.

KOENIGSEGG Gemera | Production Version World Premiere

But as we mentioned earlier, they have also managed to fit in an additional V8 engine, bringing the total power output of the car to 2300 horsepower and 2850 Nm of torque.


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