As electric vehicles become more common on the road, you may be interested in opening an electric vehicle charging station on your property. Many industries, from commercial real estate developers to apartment or condo landlords to entrepreneurs, see value in EV public charging infrastructure. However, remember that you have options for structuring your business models for profitability and sustainability. Installing EV charging stations has several advantages, ranging from increased profitability to recouping energy costs. There are three main ways to look at it, in our opinion.

  1. Choosing the Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Not all charging solutions are created equal, so it is critical to understand the key features to look for before making a purchase. Whether you choose AC or DC (fast charging) stations, they will reflect your brand, so choose something dependable, accessible, and intelligent. The following are the primary requirements for your charging equipment:

  • Reliability – the stations should have a long life span and be adaptable to market demands.
  • Safety- the charging equipment should meet international quality and safety standards. A charger must also be resistant to all types of weather. It should be able to withstand a hit and continue charging safely.
  • The software- The stations should be smart, with an online connection and options for remote maintenance, management, and control.

The number one reason that ICE-car drivers are hesitant to switch to EV is “range anxiety.” Drivers are concerned that they cannot locate a charging station when they require one. Or the charger they find will not work with their EV – or will not work at all. That is why dependability is essential. As an EV charging company, it is critical to buy a charger that will work with all types of EVs. You can find those chargers in our website’s Shop section. In addition, look into the charger’s track record: Is it known for dependable performance – or for breaking down? It is critical to select a dependable charging station from a dependable company known for prompt, helpful customer service.

  1. Station location and capacity

As more people switch to EVs, drivers will make a point of visiting locations that provide sufficient reliable charging daily. EV drivers seek out routes and locations in their communities that feature accessible charging stations, just as ICE-car drivers frequently plan their work commutes to pass by a gas station (when they need a fill-up). “If you are among the first in your market to provide enough charging stations for people in your area, you will notice people changing their routines just to visit your EV chargers,” says Travis Walker, North American Business Development Manager.

The location of EV charging stations on your property is determined by two factors: power and visibility. Plugging in charging stations is required. Running a conduit between a charging station and its power source will increase your costs. As a result, the closer the charging station is to the power source, the better. Your EV parking spots should also be displayed prominently so drivers can see them as they approach. EV drivers must be informed as soon as they arrive that they can charge while parking, shopping, dining, or visiting your establishment.

  1. A software solution for charging

Charging management software is essential for maximising the profit and performance of your charging stations. Your charging station software should provide you with a centralised view of your entire EV charging ecosystem. YoIt would help if you had complete control over cucustomisabletation settings such as pricing, power output, station access, and more with charging management software.

There are numerous excellent charging management software providers, each with their distinct offering. One provider may offer more features while another charges less. Finding the right charging management software is about balancing what you need with what you are willing to invest in.

  1. Marketing and design

The charging station’s visibility and recognition at your location are just as important as its power and other technical features. The charging station must be well-designed, clearly marked, and has 24-hour access and video surveillance.


When starting your EV charging business, you should consider the things above as they will help you make the decision you should make.

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