The BMW M1 is the first M-car developed by BMW Motorsport. Unusually, it began its life as a racing car which was then developed into a road-legal car only because homologation rules required it. However, there were so many problems in developing the car that it never reached the number of units required to compete, and instead the M1 became “just” a street car.

The BMW M1: a Race Car That Couldn’t Go Racing — Jason Cammisa Revelations Ep. 29

The Giugiaro-designed car had impressive technology – from the straight-six engine to the chassis which Lamborghini and Dallara had helped to develop. It was as fast as both the Ferrari 512 BB and the Lamborghini Countach but much more civilized when it came to driving. In the clip above, Jason Cammisa tells the story of the car.


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