‘South Park’ is Going Mobile

Ubisoft’s RedLynx and South Park Digital Studios have come together to create South Park: Phone Destroyer. The game, designed for your mobile devices, should be ready later this year. It will be available both on Android and iOS, and Ubisoft promises that the free app, while offering in-game purchase options, will treat every player the same way: paying and non-paying gamers will have access to every part of the game. This is refreshing in a mobile gaming world that usually rewards paying customers with whole plot lines and missions that are not accessible to those who choose not to spend money on the game.

Of course, Comedy Central’s favorite South Park kids (and some adults) are the stars of the show. Join Cartman, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Timmy, Jimmy, Butters, Wendy and (yes!) even Ike in battle in this extremely funny, addictive and, well, it is South Park, so explicit and inappropriate game. Not intended for younger audiences (obviously), expect foul language and questionable situations. But hey, that’s part of why we like this show so much, so nothing surprising there. You can watch the official trailer here.

The game includes collecting cards and engaging in battles. The player puts together a gang of characters to defeat opponents. It features Player versus Player (PvP) battles, strategy and a whole lot of awful but irresistible jokes as well as a commentary that will leave you in stitches. Playing with the sound on is a must, unless you’re in a public environment in which the game’s content would be inappropriate. Because let’s face it, this is a mobile game and you will want to play it All. The. Time. And you’ll be able to, because it’ll be right there on your phone or tablet, waiting for your itching fingers to tap launch it. Besides, what better game to play to lighten your mood on the subway as you head for yet another soul-crushing work day?

As an aside, and as we impatiently wait for a release date to be announced, the console and PC South Park game South Park: The Fractured But Hole will finally be available on October 17th, 2017, as long as a third delay isn’t announced before then. Let’s keep those fingers crossed and good thoughts channeling through to the gaming gods.

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