Everyone, even those with healthy eyes and no vision problems, have to go to see an eye doctor on a fairly regular basis. As we age, and especially in a time with so much digital media keeping us looking at a glowing screen for hours at a time, eyesight becomes more blurred. More people need contacts and eyeglasses than ever before, and it is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) that is mostly to blame.

But for all the problems they can cause, your devices can also offer you some help. For example, the iPhone has a couple of apps that can help you test your vision to know what you might need to pop into the ophthalmologist’s for a checkup.

Apps To Check Your Eyesight

Vision Test

This free app is now in version 2.0.3, and was named the top medical program on the iTunes market in 2010. It has continued to be a huge success since then, with tens of thousands of downloads and many satisfied users. It works by allowing you to conduct tests for your visual acuity, astigmatism, color blindness and more.

Without a doubt, this is a valuable resource in helping you to keep track of your visual progress and decline, and in catching problems you might not even realize you have.

Eye Test

This is a slightly more advanced vision app that works by offering more tests, most adapted from professional ones. Many eye doctors have been encouraging their patients to download it. While it costs $0.99, it is worth that amount, and that is such a small fee for a medical program that you can’t really complain.

However, when it comes down to it, it offers a lot of the same thing as Vision Test, and so either would be acceptable. I personally prefer the interface on this app, however, as it is more colorful and attractive.

Other Interesting Apps

There are many other apps you can find that deal with eyesight. Here are a couple of cool ones to keep an eye on.

I Can See

Have you ever been in a situation where a magnifying glass could really come in handy? No, I am not talking about Sherlock Holmes here. I mean more if you find yourself trying to read the fine print on a contract or the words on a menu, and you have forgotten your reading glasses. Us older folk know how it goes…

This app works by allowing you to scroll the camera along the content you need to read, and turns it into a magnifying class with the words more clearly shown on the iPhone screen. Free, extremely handy and just kind of cool.


Not yet on the market, this app is expected to be launched sometime this year. It is an interesting vision program that works by teaching the eyes to process blurred images, putting off the need for reading glasses. So far it has tested well with clinical trials, and so should be on the way soon enough.


You have to work to keep those eyes healthy. In between eye doctor visits – which, let’s be honest, are going to be infrequent at best – you can use these apps to test and improve your vision. What are some of your favorites?

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