Remember when being called a geek used to be an insult? Many of us who were into “geeky” things during our school years remember that quite well. We would take our comic books, or classic science fiction, our fantasy novels, our playing and collectors cards, and we would ignore the taunts from people who just didn’t get it.

When did it all change? Nobody is really sure, but eventually being a geek became something cool. Maybe not geekiness in the traditional sense, but as a general concept. Rebooted superhero movies have become intense and highly acclaimed instead of a punchline. The original Star Trek series is considered suave and awesome, not cheesy and camp. Even The X-Files is coming back!

Though there are positives to this surge in popularity, some of us can’t help but remember the originals and feel a little cheated. Maybe we all need a reminder of the geek things in the past, as they were before they became Geek Chic.

Here are ten posters that bring up the good old days for those of us who were geeks in the real sense.

I’m Robot

A play on the incredible collection of short stories from Isaac Asimov, I, Robot, or maybe the not so incredible Will Smith film, iRobot, this is camp fun for anyone who loves classic sci-fi. It even has that 50’s b-film feel to the art. But maybe one robot isn’t enough for you? The site has more cool geeky posters. If you prefer more bots for your buck, here is another great poster in the same style.

Schrodinger’s Cat

Now this one is really thinking inside the box! Please resist the urge to groan at that terrible pun, and instead feast your eyes on this awesome poster that makes an even worst one. Anyone who knows about these famous experiments (and who doesn’t?) can appreciate this joke.

The Epic Evil of Majora’s Mask

More than one of the people reading this experienced true terror when playing this game. From the eerie sight of the mask itself, to the snarling image of the moon hurtling its way to the planet, there is a lot to give you chills. Now you can relive it on your own wall with this iconic poster! You’re welcome.

Retro Sci-Fi Gallifrey Travel

Doctor Who has become a huge hit, especially since Matt Smith took over at the helm. But plenty of us watched the old seasons with just as much fervor, and I myself cut my teeth on Tom Baker, Sarah Jane Smith, and K9. Whatever Doctor you like the most, celebrate your favorite Time Lord with this tribute to his destroyed home planet. Then let yourself be overwhelmed by the feels.

Glass is Always Full

An optimist believes the glass is always half full. The cynic believes the glass is always half empty. The realist believes it depends on whether you filled it half way, or drank it down. The smartass points out that it is always full of both liquid and air, and so it can never be half full. For those in the last sarcastic category, this poster is for you.

Achievement Unlocked

Not so much a poster as a banner, it is certainly apt. For those days when it becomes an triumph just to step outside the house and away from your XBox One, here is a celebratory achievement for you. Next time you are considering ordering another pizza so you don’t have to travel to the grocery store, remember that badge. It may not show on your Live profile, but it will show on your Real Life.

Defacing the Phonebox

Comic Con hosted a trailer for the long anticipated Deadpool movie, perhaps the only role that Ryan Reynolds could ever hope to play with any sense of realism. Now we are seeing a flood of Deadpool related fanart and merchandise, and this is a fan favorite. Sure, he may not be behind “Bad Wolf”, but he has given his own spin on things. Besides, it gives us a look into Deadpool as a companion, and that might be the funniest fan fantasy of all time.

Fandom Understands Crazy

Do you want to see something frightening? Google a fandom. Warhammer 40k, Wholockians, Potterheads, LOL’s, Jedi Knights…there are plenty to choose from. To an outsider, these people are absolutely out of their minds. To people in the fandoms? They are just people who might have the same level of appreciation as they do. Simon Pegg once said that being a geek is all about not being afraid to show your affection for something you really love. Fandom is the perfect example of that concept, and this poster proves it.

Star Trek- Pixels

If you don’t think this is adorable, you have no soul. This poster is a collection of 8-bit versions of the original Star Trek characters, both major and minor. You even have different versions of the primary cast. The only thing that would make it better is a pixel version of the main cast for all Star Trek franchises. A little 8-bit Worf? Yes, please!

Science Fiction Spaceship Comparisons Infographic

This one isn’t a poster, but it should be! In fact, it should be several posters, one for each comparison chart. It takes the spaceships from all major television science fiction shows of the past couple of decades and compares the look and sizes. What excites me most about this personally is that it included Babylon 5 and Stargate, two of my personal favorites. I spent way too long hunting out the Narn cruiser in these ships.

Do you have any posters you think belong on this list? Let us know in the comments, and celebrate your geekiness with us!

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