Top Tech Gadgets for Off-Grid Holidays

You want to go there. It’s remote, it’s beautiful, but… you want to stay connected. You also want all the convenience you get from reliable electrical supply. Tech detox can be a painful process. If you want nature’s wonders without having to give up your gadgets, or you’d like to have the tech gadgets every other adventurer wishes they’d thought of, we have the ideas you should consider for your off-grid holiday.

First Up: The Power Supply

Forget your gadgets and refinements like operating systems. Nothing’s going to work if you can’t get the charge or the plug-in power supply to keep it all running. Generators are low-tech, noisy, and smelly. They’re also as bulky as heck. They’re not the kind of thing you want to cart along on a marathon adventure trip at any rate.

So, the first thing you need is a portable power bank. Your requirements determine your choices, but we’re looking at something you can hold in one hand and easily pack in with your adventure equipment. And by the way, you might be able to pack in more power than you ever expected. That keeps the rest of your gadgets going strong, and helps you to stay connected no matter where you are.

No WiFi? Make Your Own

There’s no lack of portable WiFi routers out there, but where you go determines your requirements. For the most remote locations, you need a router that can tap in to satellite signals.

There are a range of solutions out there, and although the most effective ones are quite bulky, and may need to remain in your RV, there are options with greater portability. There may be a tradeoff in connection speeds and bandwidth, but there’s no need to completely lose touch with the rest of the world just because you’re off-grid.

Get Apps for Purpose-Designed Offline Map Data And Emergency Alerts

When you’re exploring the wilds, maps are a must, even while you’re offline. There are several apps that will allow you to download maps before you leave civilization, and some of them even show the spots where you can hope to pick up a data connection without the aid of additional tech.

Certain apps will even allow you to schedule online check ins accordingly – and if you don’t turn up in time, they can even alert emergency services. The buddy system is always best, but some of us want to be alone with nature. If you decide to take your chances, it’s good to know that you can limit risk with alerts when you don’t arrive on schedule.

When You’re Alone, it’s Good to Know You Don’t have to Be

From power backups to routers and your ever-present cellphone, your backcountry travel gear doesn’t need to be bulky. And even if you were planning a complete tech detox, it’s good to know that you can get in touch or be contacted if there’s a real emergency. Your power bank is the key to all this functionality. As the heart of your system, it’s also the most worthy of investment – and once you can be sure of your energy supply, you’re ready to take your tech on a low-tech adventure.

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