State-of-the-art technology doesn’t only facilitate communication and entertain us. Various gadgets can also dramatically improve our health.

ExoGun DreamPro is a prime example of a hi-tech therapeutic device. This portable massager delivers one of the most effective treatments to help you deal with stress. It comes with several convenient components to facilitate ease of use and performance.

Here are the key features of this product:

User-Friendly Design

ExoGun boasts an excellent design and build quality. It’s compact, lightweight, and well finished. You can easily handle the massager and carry it around. It’s also extremely comfortable due to the angular handle that doesn’t overburden your arms.

Furthermore, there’s an extra layer of soft frictional material to ensure optimal traction. The device shouldn’t slip out of your hands, regardless of the angle.

The grip has shock-absorbing materials, preventing the motor from producing excessive vibrations. You should be able to hold the gadget and massage yourself for extended periods without any discomfort.

Innovative Massage Technique

ExoGun DreamPro relies on a groundbreaking method called percussive therapy. This deep tissue massage helps you address various issues associated with painful muscles and stress. It produces powerful percussions to improve blood circulation and relieve tension.

The gun offers a wide array of applications:

  • Facilitating muscle recovery
  • Lowering fatigue and reinvigorating your body
  • Treating tight muscles
  • Curing knots, cramps, and spasms
  • Improving posture and flexibility

Moreover, ExoGun is perfect for athletes who want instant recovery from intense workouts. It relaxes the muscles and helps address soft tissue pain. Generating brief yet powerful pulses, the gun improves blood circulation and loosens up troublesome fascia. Both effects help active people return to action in no time.

You can also use ExoGun for several medical purposes, including post-surgery recovery. It helps break down adhesions and scar tissue, reduce pain, and increase range of motion. It also accelerates tissue growth and healing.

Multiple Massage Heads

Another standout feature of ExoGun DreamPro is a variety of massage heads. There are four different items to help you target nearly any muscle group:

  • Ballhead – This is the primary and the most popular attachment. It has a soft lining with a large surface to work your largest muscles. It also works wonders for muscle toning and deep massage of the chest, hips, and thighs.
  • Bullethead – Featuring a tapered edge to preserve healthy joints, the Bullethead is perfect for elbow and knee sections. It delivers accurate blows to address small muscles.
  • Forkhead – The Forkhead attachment has U-shaped twin edges designed to target your spinal area. It massages this delicate region to lower nerve pressure and alleviate pain. You can use it for your neck, too.
  • Flathead – This is the universal attachment suitable for practically any body part, including the chest, shoulders, and calves. Like the Ballhead, it has a large surface, and the tiny spikes can improve the gun’s performance.

Powerful Yet Quiet Motor

The massager comes with a high-quality motor that generates between 1,200 and 3,200 percussions per minute. There are six adjustable settings, allowing you to choose the preferred intensity.

If the highest setting doesn’t do the trick, manually press the device against the muscles. There’s no need to worry about injuries, as ExoGun shuts down automatically when the pressure reaches 60 pounds per square inch. This force should be enough for all your requirements, whether you’re targeting large or small muscle groups.

Besides delivering tremendous power, the gadget minimizes noise, too. The motor is brushless and lowers the volume while ExoGun is running.

Despite the quiet operation, the product provides strong blows and vibrations. Consequently, you can treat yourself at the gym or your office without annoying other people.

ShockSmart Sensitivity

Exogun’s powerful motor is accompanied by ShockSmart sensitivity to ensure more efficient operation. It makes the product highly responsive, directing the strokes to accommodate your body’s needs. Plus, the technology balances the blows and distributes the energy accurately according to your recovery conditions and requirements.

Muscle Pain Relief Is at Your Fingertips

ExoGun DreamPro is the answer to many problems associated with stress. It offers a quick remedy for muscle tightness, limited range of motion, and releases knots to help you handle tension. In addition, the machine is easy to use, keeps your joints intact, and produces minimal noise while delivering excellent performance.

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