Automatic Google Cache Checker Firefox Extension

Many of you here are either involved with the marketing of a web site for another company or operate a web site or blog of your own.  For either case, being able to immediately see if a page is cached by Google would be invaluable.  That’s exactly what the Google Cache Checker extension for Firefox offers.

Gadget Advisor is proud to offer the free Google Cache Checker extension for Firefox.  The extension is lightweight, and high performance, residing conveniently in the statusbar.  It displays a checkmark icon if the current page is Google cached. If it is not, the extension displays a red X.  This makes it very quick and convenient to see if a page is Google indexed. For example, if you’re visiting a directory to see about submitting, you can see if the page you’re going to be submitting into is indexed. Or, pages for advertising, etc. Firefox Extension to Check Page for Google Cache

If you would like to post about the Google Cache Checker extension, please do not host the extension file on another server.  Instead, link to this page for downloading.

Download the Extension Here (original version for best performance)
Download the Extension Here (version that features cache date on tooltip)