The Right Tools Can Enhance Your Cybersecurity and Your PC Gaming Performance

As a hardcore PC gamer, it probably goes against every fibre of your being to install new software. After all, every new software you install takes up some processing power and memory that your machine could use to crank out a few extra frames.

However, some tools can enhance your PC’s cybersecurity and performance. It’s critical to install such software because the volume of cyberattacks increases day by day.

Good Cybersecurity Software

It would help if you had cutting-edge cybersecurity software to shield your computer from the following malicious software threats that can affect your PC’s gaming capabilities in several ways:

  • Computer Viruses: Although computer viruses aren’t as dangerous a threat as they used to be, you should avoid them at all costs. A chaotic virus can quickly corrupt your essential files, such as your save files. It can also delete your system files, slowing down or crippling your computer.
  • Adware: Most gamers think adware is harmless. While it’s usually just annoying, it takes up processing power and bandwidth in order to send your data to marketers. Not only does it breach your privacy, but it also slows your PC down.
  • Spyware: While spyware is usually not resource-hungry, it hurts you in other ways. For example, trolls and cybercriminals can use spyware to capture your login credentials, lock you out of your gaming account, or wipe your bank balance clean.

Only the right cybersecurity tools like Malwarebytes for Windows can shield you from such malware and keep your PC running smoothly.

  • Good cybersecurity software is as light as a dexterous rogue yet as powerful as a dual-wielding tank — it crushes all threats without slowing down your computer. However, avoid free antivirus programs that throw ads on your screen or are known for spying on users. Not only do such bloated programs affect your PC’s gaming performance, but they sell your data.
  • The right cybersecurity tools use sophisticated technology to catch established threats like computer viruses and emerging malware threats like ransomware and more. With so many new malware threats discovered each day, old antivirus programs can’t offer adequate security.
  • The best cybersecurity software keeps your PC safe around the clock. Remember, many malware work like assassins — they sit on your computer and wait for the right time to strike, usually when you’re asleep.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology

A VPN is a private network on the Internet that hides your IP address and secures your data from hackers. Gamers love to use VPN technology, especially if they like to share files on the Internet, bypass geo-blocks to purchase games for lower prices, play games blocked in their countries, or play against friends where certain titles are banned.

When you subscribe to a VPN service that offers over a hundred servers across dozens of countries, uses the latest and fastest VPN protocol, you enjoy all the benefits of a VPN while still getting top gaming performance.

As a gamer, performance and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand. With advanced antivirus software and a subscription to a technologically superior VPN service, you can play games the way they should be played, stress-free.

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