Update: Please check out another cool list of Best Firefox Extensions

The smartest decision Mozilla made when building the Firefox browser was the robust extension support. The extensive collection of extensions now available are the key to its success and a prominent factor in what makes the browser great. As most of you know, extensions are browser addons that build on the functionality of the Firefox browser. It can be as simple as adding toolbar buttons, or as complex as a complete application, such as a RSS feed reader. Extensions enable Firefox to be customized to meet individual needs and preferences.

We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best extensions for Firefox. When evaluating extensions for recommendation, not only do we consder the functionality and features of the extension, but we also test to ensure it works well with all the other extensions we recommend. This has been a lengthy evaluation in which we have taken great care to recommend high quality extensions that serve a useful purpose. The recommended extensions will also be updated on an ongoing basis. Therefore, be sure to check back for updates periodically.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus does an exceptional job of blocking ads and annoying content in pages. It is very customizable and can also easily eliminate any desired elements of a page on command. A complete subscription-based, automatic update solution is available for the block list, free of charge, as well as the ability to setup custom block lists. The only downside about Adblock Plus is that on occassion, it can also result in a page not displaying as designed, often ommitting necessary content. However, it is easy to either disable Adblock Plus temporarily or set it to always be disabled on certain sites only.


Adsense Notifier

Adsense Notifier

If you operate one or more web sites, chances are that you are currently or have in the past used AdSense for web site revenue. If you're currently using AdSense, the Adsense Notifier extension is very handy. It provides quick, convenient access to the revenue for the date range of interest. It can be set to show the revenue for the follow ranges: Today, Past 7 Days, This Month, All Time, Yesterday, Two Days Ago, Last Month, This week, Last Week, Last Business Week, and Since Last Payment.


AI RoboForm

AI RoboForm

As we have mentioned before, we're big fans of AI RoboForm. If you use RoboForm for web form filling, site logins, and/or password management, be sure to use the extension for Firefox.


Always Remember Password

By default, when a web site instructs the browser to never allow a password manager to retain the login information, Firefox will honor this. However, if your PC is not accessible to others, it can be very handy to have these passwords saved. This extension will enable passwords to be saved on any site, including Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and banking sites. Note: This extension was not updated for later versions of Firefox by the author. We have modified the extension so that it will work flawlessly with the current version of Firefox.




When your password has been saved for a HTTP authentication dialog, using this extension will cause the login to occur automatically, without you have to click the OK button on the dialog.




The Converter Firefox extension offers unit conversion from any page. For example, if a page contains the text "15 m", you can select it, and right click. It will show the length in yards and feet. The extension supports a wide range of unit conversions.


Copy Link Text

Copy Link Text

When you right click a link in Firefox, it shows an option called "Copy Link Location", which is very handy for copying the URL of a link. Likewise, the Copy Link Text extension adds an option called Copy Link Text. When you right click a link, and select the option, the anchor text of that link is copied to the clipboard. This is a quicker method than selecting the text and then copying, plus it works on sites that block copying normally.


Download Statusbar

Download Statusbar

Instead of showing a dialog for your downloads, this extension includes downloads conveniently in the Firefox statusbar. Downloads can be easily paused/resumed; double click a download to run it; right click for an option to open the containing folder; download speed display; and much more. The extension's options also provide the ability to automatically clear files of certain extensions from the bar to keep it tidy, such as files that open automatically.


ErrorZilla Mod

ErrorZilla Mod

We have not been using this extension for very long, and do not have a lot of experience with it yet, but what we have seen of it seems quite handy. When a page fails to load in Firefox, ErrorZilla Mod will show options for "Try Again," "Google Cache," "Coralize," "Wayback," "Ping," "Trace," and "Whois", which can be used to gain access to the page, even with the site down or access information about the site.




The Fireshot extension makes taking a screen shot of a web page a snap. Even if entire page is not visible, Fireshot can still capture the entire page. If you prefer, it can also capture just the visible area of a page. With a single click, Fireshot can capture the page and upload, copy, mail, print, or open the file for editing (in the internal editor or an external editor of choice). The internal editor provides the ability to add shapes, pointers, text, another image, or draw on the image.




The Flagfox extension shows a flag icon for the country in which the current web site is hosted in the statusbar or address bar. A tooltip is provided that also offers the name of the country, in case the flag is not familiar. The extension uses an IP address database rather than relying on the top-level domain. When the flag icon is clicked, GeoTool will be loaded, which provides a location map, as well as information on the ISP, city, IP address, local time, country code, region, postal code, and more.


Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker

The Google Cache Checker Firefox extension automatically checks visited pages to determine if the current page is Google cached. The result is immediately shown conveniently in the browser statusbar. This extension is available exclusively from Gadget Advisor.



When you click a link to a URL that’s already open in another Firefox tab, the Highlander extension will cause the already opened tab to be focused, rather than duplicating the URL in a new tab.


IE View Lite

IE View Lite

The IE View Lite extension provides a context menu item for opening the current page in IE. The extension also has the ability to enter sites that will always open in IE. It can close the tabs for pages being opened in IE automatically, and send any additional parameters to the of the page to the Internet Explorer EXE. As much as we like Firefox, every once in a while, we run into a page that will not work properly in Firefox, which makes this extension handy.


Navigational Sounds

Navigational Sounds

When this extension is enabled, Firefox will play the Windows OS start and end navigation sounds when pages start and finish loading (the "click" from IE when a page navigation begins).


Nightly Tester Tools

Nightly Tester Tools

We recommend this extension only for those who are experienced or desperate. If you've been using Firefox for a while and use a number of extensions, you have no doubt experienced the anguish of an extension no longer working after a Firefox update. Even worse is when the extension's developer decides not to update it anymore. This extension can be used to force extensions to work with the new Firefox version. Most extensions will work normally with minor Firefox updates (some even work properly after major version upgrades), and you can always disable an extension again if needed. However, we do recommend being careful when using this extension, nonetheless.




For those who dislike the new "AwesomeBar" introduced with Firefox 3, the oldbar extension will cause Firefox to maintain the familiar address bar from earlier versions of Firefox. The browser will still benefit from the enhanced autocomplete algorithm of Firefox 3, but with the appearance of Firefox 2.




The OpenBook Firefox extension provides customization for the Add Bookmark dialog, including the ability to automatically open the bookmarks tree and resize the Add Bookmark dialog.




The SearchStatus extension provides extensive search-related information about visited web sites, including Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, Compete.com ranking, Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links, and backward links from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The key information is all presented conveniently in one discreet and compact area, with the remaining data available via a right-click. The information displayed is also customizable. For example, if the Compete.com ranking is not inportant to you, it can be easily disabled, thus making more room available.


Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus is a very robust extension that enhances Firefox's tab browsing functionality. It provides options for controlling tab focus, link opening, many new tab display capabilities, tab clicking behavior, undo closed tabs and windows (as well as a list of previously closed tabs), advanced session management, and much more.


Text Link

Text Link

The Text Link extension enables URLs that are not linked on web pages to be easily launched via a double click. Settings are also provided that enable URLs to be executed with different key and/or mouse combinations.




The WeatherBug extension provides quick access to local weather conditions and forecasts. Icons representing forecast are shown in the statusbar, and more information is available via tooltips for the icons. The current temperature (or other information) can also be shown directly on the statusbar. The data presented as well as its placement is highly configurable.


Web Directory Form Filler

Web Directory Form Filler

The Web Directory Form Filler is a web form filling extension that is similar in functionality to AI RoboForm, except that it is designed specifically for use in submitting to web directories. It is feature-rich and easy to use. The extension features title rotation, deep link support, and even deep link title rotation. The sidebar also provides exceptional submission management.

  • http://www.zebsblog.com Zeb

    Great list ! Should include the cool “Foxmarks” extension. WOT, Search Status, Screen Grab and ColorZilla are some of my favorite Firefox extensions.

  • Nathan Spears

    Cool list. I will have to check out several of these extensions.

    Of course, I use (and love) a couple that aren’t on here. I really like FireGestures, but I am most surprised not to see Ubiquity on here; it is one of the more exciting Firefox extensions in recent memory.

  • Tech blog

    Cool extensions.. I love the Colt plugin – copy text link. You could add Screengrab in that list.

  • http://www.tvsreview.com/ TV Reviews

    Thanks for the great list; many I have not seen before!

  • http://www.crazyaboutgadgets.com/ Techieman

    Wow! Thanks for posting this one here. I will try some of the extensions listed and see what works well for me.

  • http://www.techachino.com Tech Blog

    Great! Thanks for the list.

  • http://blankshooting.blogspot.com blankshooting

    Thanks for the great list! There are so many add-ons out there; it’s great to have a list of the top ones without having to browse through the whole library (and I’m proud to say I do have a few of the ones mentioned here).

  • http://letsmovetothemoon.com Steven

    That is a great list. I was expecting the same old extensions, but this is actually helpful. I found a few good ones that I hadn’t heard of before. Thanks!

  • http://jezjo.com joie

    A great list.. Will be using a couple of these on the list. I like Fireshot and Tab Mix Plus. Thanks.

  • http://www.mywot.com Deborah Salmi

    Terrific list with useful summaries. Thanks!

    Please consider reviewing Web of Trust for your next round. This popular Mozilla recommended add-on warns you about risky websites to help you avoid spyware, browser hijacking, identity theft, phishing and other Internet scams.


  • http://www.chrislawrenceonline.com Chris Lawrence

    Great list; I’m going to check them all out.

  • http://blog.weborglodge.com Chris

    I don’t realize how much I’ve come to depend on AdBlock until I use the computers at work that don’t have it.

  • http://www.narmadi.com Type Approval

    Thanks for the great information…will be looking forward to more.

  • http://softwarenote.com Noter – SoftwareNote.com

    Adblockplus is definitely a must-have add-on for me. 😀

  • http://the-success.blogspot.com The Success

    This is a nice article; I like it. Cool.

  • http://freakyfrugalite.com Rebecca

    I found a few goodies in here that I hadn’t heard of before. Thanks! I’m also going to try out ReminderFox, a calendar plugin; ever hear of it?

  • http://gadgetadvisor.com Gadget Advisor

    @Rebecca – We have indeed evaluated ReminderFox. At the time we reviewed it, the only downside was that in order for you to get a reminder, the browser must be open. So, if you have your browser closed, and are reading email in your email client or such, you could completely miss a needed reminder. Therefore, we use a simple tool called RemindMe here. It resides in the Windows system tray, and performs the same function.

  • http://waikhom.com Waikhom

    Great software and plugins.. I use many of them myself.

  • James

    Have you evaluated NoScript? If so, what put it out of the running?

    I really like what you’ve done here. It’s great, and I plan on testing at least a few of them out. ;P

  • http://gadgetadvisor.com Gadget Advisor

    @James – NoScript is great. The reason it was not included is because its functionality is already included in Adblock Plus.

  • http://www.northshore.org/clinicalservices/cardiology/treatment/interventional/ Interventional Cardiology

    The Download Statusbar is great. You can pause/resume downloads, which is awesome when I am downloading game patches at work. I can pause them when I get busy… Definitely worth while downloading this add-on! Nice list.

  • http://clan-os.blogspot.com StarMars

    Picked up a few things form this post. Thanks.

  • http://www.niranjancameras.com Thermal Imaging Cameras

    One I can’t live without is the SEO for Firefox plugin. Even though there are a few similar plugins available that might have more features, this one is the cleanest and easiest to use. It helps Internet marketers and SEO’s find things about a page/site very quickly.

  • FireFoxManiac

    Some other cool add-ons are ScribeFire (very easy blog editing add-on), FlashGot (everyone knows download managers are greater than normal), DownloadHelper (for video, music, etc.), Web Mail Notifier (boring to check email???), Fire Universal Uploader, etc.

  • http://technicaldotcom.blogspot.com Techniqueal T.

    Nice list! I especially find the copy link text add-on to be very useful. Great collection of Firefox extensions.

  • http://RadioTelephoneTutor.com Lassar

    Is the Always Remember Password FireFox 3 compatible? I have had to use a hack for FireFox 3, and lose the hack every time I do a FireFox update.

  • http://gadgetadvisor.com Gadget Advisor

    @Lassar – The version posted here is, yes.

  • Daymoon

    Some of my top add-ons not on your list:

    Colorzilla (great for designing web pages); HideBad (for privacy); Searchbar Autosizer (so the search box doesn’t take up too much space); Table Tools (sort and copy tables); Unhide Passwords (when I don’t need absolute privacy); and Uppity (to quickly get to the root of a site).

  • http://gadgetadvisor.com Gadget Advisor

    @Daymoon – Unhide Passwords was also on our initial list. However, we had to remove it because it causes a problem with RoboForm, and since RoboForm is much more beneficial than Unhide Passwords, we removed it from the list.

  • Roaw News

    Nice list! I am impressed…again very nice! I use a few of those listed, in fact, and will be checking out some of the others. Here are the ones I use:

    Adblock + – A must
    DownloadHelper – Nice
    FlagFox – A must
    Gmail Manager – Nice
    Greasemonkey – A must
    No Squint – A must
    No Script – A must
    ReminderFox – Nice
    SmoothWheel – dont use much but it does make a dif
    Sqlite Manager – Elite
    Stealther – Kinda of a joke gonna uninstall prob.
    Stylish – Eyecandy
    TwitterFox – Conveinant

    Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.technicamag.com Tech Magazine

    Wow, nice extensions. Colt and Text Links are my favorites as they are very handy. The rest are all good too.

  • Denver_80203

    Wonderful list. I have some testing to do! I have a few other favorites worth looking at:

    -Forecastbar Enhanced is another weatherbug like status bar tool that also offers animated satellite images when hovering over a radar icon
    -Add bookmark Here^2 is great if you have a lot of bookmarks in folders.. each folder has a title
    ‘add bookmark here’ so you can just put it right in the folder you prefer without hitting the organizer
    -IE Tab is a given for the dwindling number of site that just don’t render as well in firefox as IE
    -Mouse Gestures Redox is as fine a mouse gesture application as you can get
    -Read It Later is great for all those articles you want to get around to later but, not worth bookmarking.. just hit the read it later icon and go back at when you get the opportunity.

  • fardenan

    Good work! My favorite extensions besides those in the list above are:
    – abduction (same as like screen grab)
    – customize Google
    – flashblock
    – febe
    – foxmark
    – idm cc
    – imglikeopera

    Thanks for sharing.

  • John Mac

    yeah great list – search status should be up there as well – some other good ones:

    – all in one sidebar
    – screengrab!
    – YSlow + Web Developer (for web designers)

    This is another new one I’ve found that also looks cool – http://www.coolbrowsers.com

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  • Happy Fox

    I would advise everyone to stop using microsofts lame attempt of a browser (explorer) – Getting FIREFOX was the best thing i ever did (on a computer anyway) I’ll list the add-ons i use, most of which make surfing the net so much quicker and easier. All of these add-ons are useful in some way, just have a play around with them and see if they enhance things for you –

    Adblock Plus
    Firefox Showcase
    Full Fullscreen
    Image Zoom
    Skype extension for firefox
    Speed Dial
    Surf Canyon – Search Engine Assistant

    Everyone should have Firefox – IE sucks

  • billmar123

    I installed always remember password and it has a problem working with secure login. when installed the wand in secure login doesn’t need to be used,

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  • http://www.firstdigest.com Calin

    Very good and comprehensive list. I will try some of them right now.
    As Zeb said in the first comment, Foxmarks plugin should be definitely included here. Since I have it, I can categorize and organize more efficient the bookmarks. And not to talk that I have them online and reachable 27/4.
    Good job with this post!

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  • jgpa

    Always Remember Password: It causes some double entries in the history, which results having to back twice from a page to get to the prior page. This can be duplicated by going from the main Yahoo! page to the my Yahoo! page. There will be two entries in the list for my Yahoo!. Disabling the extension eliminates the problem.

  • http://www.backup360.info backup xbox 360 games

    good post, i didnt know the adsense plug in existed, il have to give it a go

  • http://twitter.cloudberrylab.com/ Nadya

    You can check out one more useful tool – CloudBerry Twitter plug-in for IE and for FireFox that helps you to post excerpts from the websites you visit with a click of the button and attach a short URL to the source page.

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  • Soraya

    THANKS A MILLION for the “Always remember password” I’ve been looking for this a looooong time!!! 😀

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  • http://www.gadgetheaven.co.uk gadget

    Superb list. I’m a recent convert to Firefox and found this list whilst looking for help with extensions. Thanks for posting.

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  • http://techieinspire.blogspot.com/ Techie Inspire

    That was awesome…
    I knew some of them but most of the tools are awesome and new for me. i newer used such tool before.I will try all those extension..Great post..Thanks

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  • Dan

    Somehow you all have missed the most important extension of all, ScrapBook. It saves web pages (with their www links intact & fully functional) for offline viewing. With the page saved, you have that information in safely YOUR computer even if the original page is no longer available on the web. (Of course, it saves all the important info about the page, such as when you saved it, its URL, etc. You can re-open the source URL any time you want.) You can organize your saved pages into folders and even multiple ScrapBooks for different projects. With it, Firefox is a major research tool; without it, merely an entertainment.

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  • http://www.paidurls.org Andrew Jamnes

    Great information is provided here,
    Thanks & Thumbs up

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  • John

    Nice article… It is almost similar collection of FF extensions to that of mine except a Text to voice extension. You might be interested in Text to voice which is available at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/91405?src=external-ga-blog

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  • http://filesonicse.com/ Graphics

    I really liked this extensions list.
    Very informative in a constructive way and so very helpful. Thank you

  • http://www.paintzoomreviewed.net Richard

    very useful list, i also use the remember password plugin a lot

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  • George

    My internet provider only lets me have 60 gig’s a month … Do ya’ll have a gadget that counts and shows the monthly usage

  • nifty options tips

    Very Good Site and awesome writing too , and great thanks to the writer