TubeMate Vs. VidMate: Quick Comparison Between Video Downloaders

You might have been confused in deciding between TubeMate and VidMate as to which video downloading app is the one suited for your needs. Well, you have come to the right place, because you don’t have to do the hard work to determine the results.

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Features Of TubeMate

  • Get audio from the videos you have converted to MP3
  • Pause and resume downloads easily
  • User-friendly interface

TubeMate Vs. VidMate

Advantages Of TubeMate

  • Uses multiple connections so that you can get the best speed to download the videos
  • Provides options, such as resuming the video download process after going offline for a while
  • Offers a number of video resolutions that you can choose from
  • Provides a section where you can keep track of the videos being downloaded, including the ongoing download process
  • You can download videos from popular sites like DailyMotion, Vimeo, and YouTube

Disadvantages Of TubeMate

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  • Although you can download videos from YouTube, not all videos are available for downloading using TubeMate
  • When TubeMate experiences connectivity issues, it crashes or hangs, rendering the app useless as of the moment until it will be restarted
  • It requires high Internet connectivity and will not allow 2G connectivity
  • TubeMate allows the download of high-definition videos, but it requires MP3 media converter to complete the task

Features Of VidMate


  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • Fast downloads even HD quality videos
  • Downloads high-quality music and albums
  • Pause and resume downloads
  • Be able to watch live TV with more than 200 channels available

Advantages Of VidMate

  • Offers the ability to download videos from DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTuebe, and Youku, among others
  • It also allows the ability to select favorite sources manually in which you can make it the default location for downloading videos
  • It can download multiple files at the same time due to fast download speed
  • VidMate also serves as a marketplace for apps, aside from being a video download app
  • Provides a night mode feature that would help users avoid eye strain and enjoy watching more movies, music, and other favorite videos

Final Thoughts

Both TubeMate and Vidmate are capable of downloading popular videos and music from streaming sites. If you are still unconvinced as to which video downloading app can satisfy your mood to download videos or music from the Internet, then you have to try it on your own.

Tubemate vs. Vidmate

Take note that each video downloading app is designed to provide the best experience for its users. However, each one can have its advantages or disadvantages depending on the preference of the user.  If you are going to download and install TubeMate, you should know that it is good for those who enjoy downloading videos or listening to music or even downloading videos for offline viewing.

Nevertheless, for those users who are more interested in downloading more than just videos, then VidMate is perfect for you. In fact, it allows users to download games, which makes it a very versatile video downloader. Moreover, it allows you to download more than 200 TV shows.

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