TubeMate Can Easily Download YouTube Videos In A Single Tap

With tons of videos you can download with TubeMate, you should watch out because you may run out of available storage for it. Indeed, it is a popular app that many have used for personal use. It is also great for downloading movies or related content directly to your mobile device.

Video credit: Shyam Kumar KC

Why Use TubeMate

 Just like how others would want to keep their favorite videos, TubeMate has been developed for this reason. Of course, it was created for the purpose of saving a YouTube video for offline viewing.

Aside from being a favorite pastime for people nowadays, watching YouTube has intensified the viewing habits of mobile users. But the question starts when you begin to lose Internet connectivity, which can affect your viewing pleasure. Therefore, it is a great breakthrough for apps like TubeMate that it has become a reliable app for this endeavor.

Downloading On Your Mobile Device


  • First thing to do is to enable Unknown Sources on your mobile device from the Settings tab and then to Security
  • You will find the Unknown Sources somewhere below and then tap on the box to enable this feature
  • Download TubeMate 3.1.1 version from a reliable source, or you can download it from the official website
  • After the installation of the app, launch YouTube and browse the video that you want
  • Tap the Share button and then select TubeMate, choose the resolution provided and tap Download


You can also use TubeMate to play offline videos from YouTube. You simply have to download a YouTube video from the TubeMate app. Then, launch the app and then utilize the search function in which you can use to look for videos. Just tap the Play button next and then sit back and relax.

Downloading YouTube videos is strongly prohibited by Google, so you can’t find the app anywhere inside the Play Store. Therefore, you have to be responsible when using apps like this because this can make or break your viewing pleasure. You may consider this app illegal, but you can use it for educational purposes as well.

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