Can ShowBox Survive following Legal Complaints?

It’s not difficult to see the attraction of ShowBox. Why wouldn’t you want an app that allows you to watch popular movies and TV series free of charge? As tempting as it sounds, the truth is so much more complicated than that.

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Video Streaming

YouTube was put up so people can upload their videos to share with friends and family. The videos may have been bad, but those times were fun. Although badly made videos still make it to YouTube, there’s quite a good amount that have been professionally made. Or at least, have been made with some standards in mind.

Others have found other creative ways of using YouTube and similar video-sharing platforms: to upload copyrighted content. For instance, BBC recently broadcast the series Bodyguard, which turned out to be a hit. Those who can’t watch the broadcast can head over to Dailymotion where they can watch free of charge.

This is the same concept employed by ShowBox. And this year, they started receiving legal complaints for it.

Legal Action

ShowBox was “off the air” so to speak for a few days. It has recently emerged, with some of the sites offering for download putting up a warning that it “is NOT a legitimate software platform for viewing copyright protected movies” and referring visitors to sites where they can do so legally.

Legal streaming sites such as Amazon and Netflix are already looking to the future. Can the same be said of ShowBox? Only time will tell. They faced a legal complaint recently and were able to come back, but at a certain cost.

The idea of providing a platform for others to view copyrighted shows for no cost at all seems noble. However, there are always people on the other end – people who rely on sales of movies or shows for income – who deserve to benefit but won’t be able to.

What you do with ShowBox is up to you.

Download and Install ShowBox

The offer of ShowBox is clearly tempting. This is particularly true in the case of cash-strapped users who just want to know about the latest movie or TV series that their friends and family are talking about.

However, even those with the means to get proper streaming access still want to make use of such services all because they don’t want to fork up their hard-earned cash. That, or they are just unaware that streaming from an unauthorized source is illegal.

Whichever the case, many have been thankful to ShowBox for allowing them to stream shows they otherwise won’t have access to. There are rights considerations preventing shows from being broadcast in certain places. As such, many resort to services provided by ShowBox to get their fix.

So if you still want ShowBox after everything you’ve read, do the following steps:

  • Download the ShowBox APK.
  • Make sure that Unknown Sources is switched on. You can check by going to Settings and then Security. Check that the toggle is switched on. In case you have a phone with one of the newer Android systems, you can skip this step since you will be prompted instead.
  • Go to the Downloads folder to find the ShowBox APK.
  • Tap on that file to start installing ShowBox on your device.
  • Wait for the entire process to complete.

Once everything has done, you now have an app that allows you to watch a variety of shows for absolutely no charge at all.

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