While we would usually think of rooting any device as only for techie geeks, in the case of Android the practice is so widespread there are even apps to help you do it.

There are some risks that if you don’t do it correctly you will turn your Android phone into a paperweight, so DO be sure to follow the instructions.

Rooting Android is NOT Jail Breaking

Just to be clear, rooting simply means gaining access to the root directory of the operating system that your smart phone runs. That is different than jailbreaking.

As Gary at TrendingPhones explains in How to Root Android:

“Rooting is something which is allowed and it is needed to run some applications. There is little to no chance of damaging or ruining your phone more info

because if you have problems attempting to root your device you can simply restore to factory settings.”

Gary assures us that this is the very best video explaining the process:

How to Root Your Android Phone [VIDEO]

Many apps need you to have root access, so more and more people are rooting their Android phones.

What about you? Is your phone rooted? How did the process go for you?
Tell us why you did it and how it works for you in the comments.

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  1. Yes. I think everyone is already rooting their Android phones. Some applications will not run properly unless you do it. You just need a simple and detailed instruction just like this one so you can root your phone without any errors.

  2. Rooting is not a necessary thing to do with an Android phone, but if you want to use a true and real Android phone, then you should root your device. Android rooting gives you the master control of your device and you can do whatever you want and customize your phone however you like it.
    But with pros comes cons too so you must proceed at your own risk.

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