Many ardent writers and bloggers think they know all they need to know when it comes to writing great content. However, no one but the very best can know everything. It is essential to make your work stand out from the rest and Getting to Know How to Gain Keyword Quality Backlinks 2020

If you cannot answer the question – What do you know about backlinks? Then please read this article and find out all about backlinks and how to make them work for you.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks can also be called one-way links, incoming links, and inbound links. They’re links that connect one website page to a page that is on another website. Major search engines such as Google look at backlinks as “votes” made for a specific page. Pages that have high organic search engine ranking have pages with a high amount of backlinks. What these backlinks tell the search engines is that the content on these pages is worthwhile, informative, and credible. It means that the more you get of these “votes,” the higher your site ranks on search engines like Google. However, it is not so simple as to backlink two pages; the backlinks themselves have to have value and must be qualitative. One backlink of top quality can have more power than a large number of backlinks that are of low-quality. 

  • Backlinks from websites that search engines find authoritative 

Thiswill always be more effective than those from random websites. This is a concept called “domain authority,” and the more authority one website has, the more it can pass on to another site through a backlink.

  • How your target keyword works in the link’s anchor text 

The anchor text is the part of a link that is visible. Therefore, you want the link to have your target keyword in the anchor text. Studies done have shown that there is a strong relationship between an anchor text that includes target keywords and the higher rankings for that keyword. However, you have to beware that you do not want to overdo because Google has placed filters in their algorithm known as Google Penguin. It’ll filter out websites that use black hat link building strategies to get the upper hand over other sites.

  • Backlinks must be site related

If you’re backlinking to another page, both pages must have similar content. Search engines like Google keep an eagle eye out for this. Therefore, if you have written content about healthy eating, your backlinks must refer to sites that have to do with healthy foods or healthy ways to build up your body. 

  • Have a link that encourages others to follow it

Search engines such as Google will ignore links with “no follow” tags attached to them. In other terms, no-follow links don’t count search engine ranking algorithms. These links have no real value. Now you might be wondering how there can be links that are not valuable if you thought all links have some worth. Well, no follow tag links are those that are not SEO friendly like comments on blogs, paid advertisements, and press releases. None of these is very worthy and is considered no-follow links.

  • Links from domains that have linked to you before

Even though a site links to your site numerous times, these links have diminishing returns. In other words, it is better to get links from many different websites than to have continuous links from the same websites. Google rankings are focused more on the number of sites that link to you than to the number of backlinks. Therefore the hundreds of backlinks you might have with one specific site mean nothing, but the links you have to a hundred different sites mean so much more. 

  • Building Backlinks

Creating linkable assets

Keep in mind that if you want others to link to your website, you must provide them with something they’ll want to connect with, and that will be worthwhile. A linkable asset can be almost anything like a survey, a quiz, a blog post with relatable content, or even a video. It must spark interest from people and make them want to link to it. It must include content that is search engine optimization worthy. You want the content to generate many backlinks from many different sites all across the Internet.

  • Backlinks from link roundups

Link roundups link to content that is outstanding from different blogs. The method to follow is to do a Google search to find link roundups that are in your niche. Searching, you can include the word link roundup along with the main keyword. Once you have detected that your blog post is a good fit for another person’s roundup, contact them and suggest that they might link up with your site, and you’ll get a link of high-quality.

  • Finding outdated content

There are many web pages and resources you can find online that, with time, have become obsolete or have changed their names. These leave behind the outdated content, which now links to obsolete resources. Once you pick up on such websites that relate to your particular niche, you can send emails to the people to let them know they’re linking to outdated resources. You can pull up the information and see who has linked to this material. Then email them to let them know this content is no longer of importance and suggest that they could now connect to your content. You’ll find plenty of people who are interested and will be grateful to you for the information and link with your site. 

  • Making use of links that are broken

This involves searching for pages with 404 errors. You have to focus on pages that are in your specific niche. So if your niche involves cooking, you’ll search on Google with search strings like cooking + resources or resource page, sites recommended, or links. Once you have located the right information, you can find extensions through Google Chrome that will help you check for broken links. Once you have located the broken links get in touch with the site owner and let them know which links are no longer working, Then inform them that you have a site with similar content and suggest that they might add their link to your page. It will benefit the site owner and indeed help you.

  • Links from guest posting

Some may think that getting links from guest posting is an old thing to do, but that is not true. Guest posting is still one of the best ways that you can get links for your site. You’ll find that using this method will give your traffic a significant boost as long as you write guest posts for sites with high-quality content in your particular niche. The links you’ll get from the quality websites you post excellent content guest posts for will significantly help your site when it comes to rankings. The first important step is to look for qualitative websites that accept guest posts in your niche. 

You’ll find many different resources and a lot of additional information online. Keep in mind that backlinks can change your website from ordinary to extraordinary and grow your traffic. One of the best things you can gain from using backlinks is that your site will be well-known through search engines like Google, and people in your niche looking to link with sites will undoubtedly be noticing your website and will consider it a worthy site and add their links.

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