Most advanced users who enjoy all the benefits of the Internet already know the notion of cybersecurity and take steps in order to prevent any hacks and attacks on their devices. Having an antivirus is good, but not enough in our cyber era. Therefore, one of the tools that many people are using today is  VPN software. There are different types and kinds of VPNs, some are more powerful and secure, some are less. If you are a newbie to this topic, read NordVPN review to find out more. At the same time, even people who are already using some type of VPN do not apply it to its fullest potential to unlock all possibilities the software provides.

So, to be able to secure yourself and also enjoy some beneficial features that most VPNs offer, read more about this type of software. With it, you will be able to take advantage of some websites, and always stay safe and hidden from anyone trying to spy on you. This is exactly why VPN is a software to buy.

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Safety and Security

The main thing that VPNs do is they connect the device – laptop, tablet, smartphone, whatever – not to the websites you are reaching directly, but to a remote server in the first place. Then, via this server, the user accesses the website he wants. The benefits of this approach are that, firstly, any viruses or malware present on this website will be uploaded to this remote server, not to the user’s computer. Do not worry about the server, its technical support and protection are way more powerful than of your device; get more info about the opportunities to understand the scheme.

The second benefit is that if anyone, including hackers, will try to find out who is surfing the website and what is your IP address, will not be able to do so. They will also find the address of the server that works as an intermediate link between your device and the website, and their efforts to hack the server aren’t likely to be successful.


Using a VPN’s remote server also means that anyone trying to spy on your traffic not from the side of the website you are surfing, but from the side of your IP address, will not be able to do that, since they, again, will find only the address of this remote server. The server receives the connection from your device and then gives it a fake IP of its own, so it is impossible to guess or to match the real and the fake IP addresses of incoming and outgoing queries to understand which is yours and what site you are reaching.

It means that when you pay by your bank card online while using a remote server of the VPN, the hacker may find out some data about you, but this data will not be enough to hack your account and steal the money. It is impossible to upload a malware on your device or find out if you reach a restricted website. These are the safety opportunities offered by a VPN, to find out, even more, check and discover ratings and reviews.

Dainan Gilmore

Dainan Gilmore is an enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity and works as a Cryptanalyst for Gadget Advisor.

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  1. “It means that when you pay by your bank card online while using a remote server of the VPN, the hacker may find out some data about you,” this was my reason why I bought nordvpn. Thanks god that these kind of software are very easy to use because I am just a simple sales man who is not tech savvy

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