VidMate Releases Update To Take Care Of Minor App Bugs


VidMate fans know that the developers of the popular video downloads are constantly finding ways they can improve the software performance. For that reason, VidMate users tend to see new updates every week that includes software improvements and bug fixes. And, the latest VidMate update – 4.1404 is no different. What does the update offer users?

A Look At The Latest VidMate Update

The VidMate update was released about a week ago and is being unveiled over the air channels. Users are advised to keep their smartphones on a stable Wi-Fi network to download the update when the notification panel shows it’s ready for the device to download it.

With so many updates in a month, one has to wonder what new things can be seen with the 4.1404 update. Unfortunately, fans are going to be left disappointed – the only thing the latest update offers is fixes for a number of high-priority bugs (no new features to talk of). The bugs address the program’s lagging problems, which means the app should be more stable for use after the update has been installed.

In other words, it’s just a maintenance update that addresses the various minor issues plaguing the app. Minor or major… the bugs are troublesome, which is why VidMate users need to quickly download the latest update when it shows up on their smartphone.

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