Sony kept specs for their new flagship smartphone under wraps until yesterday at CES 2013. Previously some images had been leaked and rumors indicated the phone would be an Xperia C650x Odin.

What Sony actually announced at CES 2013 was the Sony Xperia Z and ZL.
Whether this is the same phone or a different model has not yet been determined.

Only now can we share with you the complete details on this new phone Sony hopes will be their giant killer flagship product. The camera on this phone is getting rave reviews – but the most unique feature is being fully touted visually.

Xperia Z ~ The First Water-resistant Smartphone

The coolest thing about the new Xperia Z is that it is water-resistant – but given the way it is being demonstrated by reviewers, buyers will think it is waterproof.  There are videos of this phone being totally underwater in a fishbowl (for 10 minutes the video claims) and this video from CES 2013 of Sony’s Dunking Test:

Hopefully Xperia Z buyers will realize that the phone is only water
resistant if the plugs are all closed and in good condition!

Being water-resistant is a very useful feature for any smartphone. Who hasn’t accidentally splashed liquid on a phone or even had one fall out of their pocket into the toilet? Note that the phone is WATER resistant.

While it will stand up to other liquids better than most phones IF the plugs are closed, remember that anything sweetened or carbonated could be a very different story.  You can often dump water out of a computer keyboard, let it dry, and it will still function. Sweeteners will stop your PC keyboard from working and substances like Coca-Cola are even worse because they will lift land patterns right off circuit boards!

In a pinch you can use cola to clean your battery cables – so don’t let water-resistance cause you to take unnecessary risks with even a water-resistant smartphone.


Trendingphones tipped us to their post about the Sony Xperia Odin being the top search on their site, so we know that Sony has been able to generate interest and curiosity about this new phone.

GearBurn writer Robin-Leigh Chetty provided more details about Sony Odin models, but not enough to know whether the Z is the rumored Odin or another phone with the Odin still under wraps.

SitesGadget reported the Sony Xperia Odin and Yuga Comes With A Slim Body which these two new phones do have. This post by Chris Smith at AndroidAuthority gives the Xperia Odin and Yuga Specs – and it sounds like the Z.

PhoneArena speculated that Sony would call the Odin the Xperia X and the Sony C660X would be called the Xperia Z.

VIDEO REVIEWS of the Sony Xperia Z:

In this video, shares unknown before now details in the video below and their Sony Xperia Z Review.

Sony Xperia Z Specs:
  • Water resistant – possibly even waterproof
  • 5″ HD display ~ 1080p screen
  • 13 MP camera
  • Quad-core SoC
  • 2400 mAh battery
  • Sony NFC TV
  • Google’s Android Jelly Bean OS
  • Available colors: purple, white, black

Sony Xperia ZL is similar in specs to the Xperia Z, but not water resistant.


 What do YOU think about Sony smartphones?
Do you own one? Are you planning to buy one?
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  1. That is a good point about plugs being in place; the headphones and charger have to have a place to plug into. What if the headphones are plugged in at the time it is dropped in water? I’m excited about that HD screen though because I get HD streamed to my phone now but I only have a 720p screen. If I get a Z, when I watch TV using my DISH Sling Adapter and DISH Remote Access app, I will have the best possible picture. I watch a lot of TV and my DISH coworker and I like to take advantage of our breaks and lunch to catch up on shows we would miss because we have such a busy home life.

  2. Sony xperia z is wonderful and powerful Handset….
    Thanks for sharing such a great post. I also love this sony handset.
    Regards for the post!

  3. Awesome phone, can’t wait to see where we will be in 12 months as the battle of mobile tech and OS continues to bend the rules of what was once only a dream.

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