Modern Technology Controls and Protects the Home at Your Fingertips

As recently as a few years ago things like AI, remote controlled appliances and robots seemed like science fiction that may never exist, but today they are part of complex systems in one of the largest growing sectors in the business world, home automation systems. Home automation systems include any type of integrated automated system developed for private use, and include everything from integrated appliances and entertainment systems to security systems. They are the foundation of the modern smart home, and can improve security, energy efficiency, and simple effectiveness of use of home devices.

Home automation systems are selling massively around the planet, in every market and in most every country, with major development hubs in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. This market includes whole home automation systems and partial systems like the excellent systems provided by Crestron Home Automation that can easily be remotely controlled and that can run unsupervised effectively and efficiently. This is a billion dollar industry that is currently just starting to grow. Like smart phones a decade ago, home automation systems are just starting to saturate the market, but will soon be in most every home in some form or fashion, offering huge growth potential for decades to come.

Types of Home Automation and Controlled Systems

Home automation systems and controlled systems most often integrate multiple smart systems, like entertainment systems and smart appliances and energy systems that can be simply controlled and monitored through a central device. But the fact is, as the home automation industry evolves and new technology is developed, more and more home devices are becoming automated or controlled by technology, and therefore more and more home devices can be integrated and ran more efficiently. Here are some of the systems and markets that can be automated for and controlled in the home today:

  • Energy: HVAC and other energy driven devices
  • Entertainment: Fully integrated audio and video systems
  • Appliances: Smart appliances, from refrigerators to dishwashers, that can be remotely controlled and accessed
  • Security systems: Including cameras and alarms
  • Health: Health monitoring, medicine control and ordering devices
  • Robots: Robots that can monitor security, clean homes and even pools
  • Computer systems: Tablets, smart phones, laptops, desktops and other computerized devices

There are many different kinds of home automation systems to choose from, from custom designed luxury systems to more simplified self-install systems, from luxury systems to more cookie cutter plug and play systems. Prices vary according to the complexity of the system, design of the system, and services provided with the system. For example an automated home security system with 24/7 remote monitoring will include a service charge that a closed captioned system will not. The choices depend on budget and need, but as the home automation industry continues to skyrocket and the market saturates with new devices, prices will drop and demand will increase. This will mean more options for potential customers, and more home automation systems in homes around the world.

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