The invitations for Apple’s 9th September event are out. This fall event by Apple is when the American giant comes up with the announcements for its new entrants into the market. The market is rife with speculations on the unveiling of the new iPhone 7 on 9th September and all that this new phone would entail. Apple as usual is playing its cards very close to its chest and we might just see an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 6s Plus as opposed to the much awaited iPhone 7.

San Franciso’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is the chosen venue for Apple’s bash this year. The sheer scale of the venue chosen bodes well for all that would be reveled this September.

What to Expect in the new iPhone

Force Sensitive Touch Technology

The new iPhone would in all probability have the force-sensitive touch technology which has already been unrolled in the new MacBooks and the Apple watch. This technology would allow the iPhone to differentiate between a simple touch and a higher pressure one. This could essentially mean that you might be able to go to the options of your choice directly without having to deal with a maze of menus first. This should definitely be a great addition to an already excellent phone.


iPhone 6 saw some great additions in the camera features last year. The slo-mo technology was definitely worth the price. We are expecting the new iPhone, be it the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S to come up with a substantial camera upgrade as well. Apple has kept away from the pixel war so far, however the new iPhone to be unveiled on September 9th might show the company joining the pixel fray as well.

A Bend Resistant Structure

The new phone is allegedly going to be built from a stronger 7000 Aluminum series alloy than its predecessor. This would make it almost twice as resistant to bending in your pockets as its older siblings. This can be quite an improvement that should endear the phone to the hearts of all Apple fans. However, the catch here is that the 7000 series of Aluminum alloy costs a whopping 5 times more than the 6000 series. This could mean some prohibitive increase in the price of the new phone, a development that we do not much care about.

There have been many photo and video leaks of the rumored new iPhone. All the images of the new iPhone show that the appearance and size of the next generation of Apple iPhone is not going to be any different from what we already have in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

The new iPhone entry is being awaited with great enthusiasm and September 9th is the day when all our questions would be answered. Despite Apple’s legendary secret keeping abilities we have managed to pry a few features that should be a part of the new iPhone. There might be some surprises that Apple has in store for us that might titillate the Apple fan further. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Featured image by Apple from iPhone 6 launch.

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