Do you consider yourself an internet savvy who has advanced know-how about anything and everything world wide web? Well, you can use this as your chance to earn extra income and to make use of your time productively rather than just shopping online, playing games or stalking your ex on social media. In this article, we will share some tips to take advantage of your web expertise and using your knowledge to earn extra income.

  • Develop online games or apps

Are you a programmer? You might want to consider developing your own app that you can launch in public. If possible, you can even develop your own online games. This would surely bring in lots of money for you and at the same time will establish your career as a web developer or programmer.

  • Become a professional social media manager

Are you always online doing various things in social media? Do you enjoy curating content and garnering likes? Well, you can use this skill to earn extra income online by becoming a professional social media manager. There are many companies around the world looking for people who can manage their social media accounts. Not all people have the patience of using social networking sites and if you do then work it to your advantage.

  • Create websites for clients

Having a website is a necessity these days for businesses whether big or small. You can work as freelance web developer to help clients create their own websites. The best thing about this is that it can be a long term gig since they usually need a person to maintain the site. And if you’re the one who created the website then there is big chance that they will extend the contract so you can monitor and maintain it.

  • Start a blog

If you like writing your own content, then you might want to consider starting your own blog. You need to register a domain name, find reliable wordpress hosting provider, create high quality content and voila, you have your own blog. However, to start monetising your blog, you need to establish website traffic first. Once you have decent traffic, you can start showing ads or look for advertisers to work with.

  • Create online content

Do you like creating memes that have potential to go viral or maybe you like producing videos of various topics? You can start your own YouTube channel and earn through views your videos garnered. You need to continuously produce high quality content to keep viewers happy and who knows, you might become a famous YouTuber one day.

Nowadays, it is very important to become practical and efficient to help you pay the bills and at the same time prepare for a good future for yourself and your family. If you have extra time on your hands, then make sure to use it wisely and spend it by being productive. There are many opportunities online and if you are an internet savvy, you can definitely find the perfect money making opportunity for you.

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