It is the era of entrepreneurs and time is the last thing anyone has to spare. In just a week’s worth of work, you can have your own company that can be generating profits on a large scale, if successful. However, the real difficulty is maintaining the social identity that can be very agonizing sometimes. Many people who do not even want to spend time on social media still have to worry about keeping their profiles and feeds updated. Sure, you can search social media for a lot of information, but not all of us want to keep designing creative posts all day. Try hiring a professional, agency, or if you’re bent on doing it yourself, these apps will be a great way to go about it.

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Interested in saving more than an hour’s work on managing multiple social accounts on various social platforms? Buffer’s your partner. You can rely on this app to allow you access to all your accounts on each different platform along with the ability to schedule and publish your posts individually. You can have a free account that allows you to manage three profiles, giving you a preview of the ease and accessibility that they are offering.

Adobe Spark:

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You may have heard about this app, but since it is Adobe, you might have considered it too complicated and steered away. However, this app by Adobe is a great software that helps you create, design, and edit special effects to your creative ad posters and flyers for online posts and advertising. You can select from a series of pre-designed templates or use their ideas to make an original post in a lot less time.

Google Analytics:

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You might know about Analytics already, but you should check out the mobile version of Google’s SEO tool. The app allows you the easy interface that Google has worked efficiently on providing along with the efficiency of the service to show you how well your site is doing. You can analyze traffic, try different campaigns and ideas to update your website and compare strategies. All you got to do is feed in your site’s URL, and Google will tell you what you ought to do next to optimize your website.

Sprout Social:

Image: Sprout

Sprout is an online SMM tool that gives you access to social platforms and filters your feeds to bring you the content and information that you or your business’ audience would prefer. The developers have made the interface optimized for all kinds of niches that help many users get a lot of useful content for their social media profiles.


It is necessary for all people involved in the tech sector to be careful and updated about their information. With all the valuable data available on our mobile devices, most of us know how to track a cell phone, but very few realize the need to utilize our smartphones as means to track changes and promote our businesses. You can also find several media editing software on the market that will help you create more engaging content. Similarly, you can also see a bunch of research tools that can help achieve better statistics for your business. In the end, you want to save time and earn more. So, be smart.

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Megan Nichols is a science writer and editor for Schooled By Science. She enjoys reading and writing about the latest innovations in technology and science.

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