Back in the day, articles were meant to provide information or provoke thoughts or deliver opinions. Still, with the growth of the commercial world where everything is used for commercial purpose, articles became commercial and advertorial. Overtime format of article writing improved, especially from a business aspect, and link building along with keyword placement in article became a part of article writing and one of the most noticed parameters most importantly in Guest Posts.

Skipping the details and coming to the point, link building became necessary, and it has objectives are as vital as in any other social media strategy. Therefore, your first step is to clarify and specify what you want to achieve when making a guest post on a website, it’s done to increase traffic to your blog, sell a specific product, publicize your brand, get more subscriptions, etc. and all of these will majorly depend on the link you will integrate with the keyword.

You can set the objectives of your guest posting following the smart strategy; it will help you to create achievable goals on the web. On the other hand, it will be useful to know the primary objectives of your article from the beginning:

Follow the Niche:

Everything falls under the specific category when we cook the food first we decide the type of food, whether it’s going to be continental, Thai or Chinese. So when we need to write a piece of content, we need to base the content on some specific niche whether it is related to Tech, Digital Marketing, or Business etc. You should always decide your niche based on your keywords and the targeted site. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to place the keyword in the article.

Relevant Relationship:

Relevancy between the keyword and the article is the critical element. Otherwise, you may have to face the repercussions like it could get rejected from various sites or need to be edited because of the irrelevancy between both. You are simply not allowed to put the explicitly promotional sentence between the article; otherwise it would be figured out by every reader consequently they would doubt the sincerity behind your writing and authenticity of information you provided, they will rather consider it an advertisement and scam as well as by Google AI which could be resulted in a blacklist or ban.

Hit it where it hurts:

Don’t be afraid, we are not talking about hitting anyone but we just want to draw a point that we need to place a keyword where it can be easily seen in comparative articles most of the readers jump directly to the conclusion, in suggestive articles many readers just read the names of the products and skip the details, in long articles not everyone goes through it. So you must consider the theme and type of article to place the keyword; otherwise, it would be ignored.

Knowing the importance of link building if you are not professional enough to do so you may want to hire a reliable link building agency to keep the writing error-free and matched with the parameters.

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