Ranking algorithms for websites are constantly changing, but there is something that always gives a crucial influence on rankings, and it is link-building. The good news states, it is possible to dive into the link-building theme and study it without any professional help.

There are a lot of various tools that will help you to cope with this challenge. We will discover Top-7 link building tools in this article. However, if you want to get detailed information about link management, you can visit https://www.linksmanagement.com/backlink-building-software

Majestic SEO

Being one of the most popular link-building tools, Majestic SEO provides an extensive link database by mapping and crawling the web. The offer includes two different indexes: Fresh and Historic.

Historic Index is presented as a large database with the information gathered for the last 5 years. By keeping trillions of URLs in it, Historic Index gives an opportunity to analyze a site’s development over time. Fresh Index covers the links for the last 120 days. This helps to analyze the connection between the link-building campaign and the site’s current ranking.

Majestic SEO provides metrics that help to constantly analyze the quality of the pointed links (Trust Flow) and the number of links pointed to the site (Citation Flow)


BuzzStream helps the customers to build links organically. The software is distinguished among other popular tools by its exclusive suggestion of discovering link opportunities in a fast way.

One of the most attractive offers BuzzStream gives is to avoid using a complicated database while improving backlink-building skills. Customers can browse perspective lists, add contacts, and build links in an easy way.

BuzzSteam provides an exclusive option of automatically generating a potential list of websites, bloggers, and their websites. There is also an opportunity to add these websites to the customer’s database while searching the web.

The last advantage of BuzzSteam we want to mention is the opportunity to send personalized messages. It helps to upgrade the placement rate and reach better results.


MonsteInsightsr would be useful for those who want to create a strong link-building strategy. This analytic tool would be easy to use even for the starters. Among the offers, you can find:

  • outbound link tracking
  • universal link tracking
  • eCommerce tracking
  • affiliate link tracking

One of the most exceptional advantages the user of MonsterInsights has is to analyze the source of inbound traffic, search for such websites and build a link with them.

It is necessary to include blog content on the website to get more chances for creating backlinks and higher the ranking rate in Google. MonsterInsights helps to analyze which type of content gives more traffic. This information allows the user to plan appropriate content and build more links.


MozBar is a tool with the help of which you can manage link research and examine metrics directly in the search result. This software is easy to use for anyone who wants to improve his or her website ranking. MozBar is actually an extension to Chrome and you need to install it to your browser before using it.

Even a free version of the tool gives useful features such as analyzing Page and Domain Authority. Page Authority provides measuring the ability of the specific page to rank. Domain Authority measures the strength of the whole site and its capacity to rank in the results of searching.

The user is able to analyze the competitive websites and increase his domain authority. MozBar also helps to discover the ways other websites reach high rankings and are placed on the first page.


Ahrefs is a great choice for those who have no professional skills in SEO but want to increase their website ranking in the search results.

What do Ahrefs offer:

  • rank tracking
  • keyword research
  • broken link checker
  • backlink building
  • and other.

The users appreciate Ahrefs as a backlink-building tool for an accurate prognosis of the problems and strict recommendations on what to improve. It is also possible to analyze which sites are linked to your competitors and require linking to the same websites.

With the help of Ahrefs, you can get a competition analysis and optimize your website to the highest level.


Hunter.io always helps if you want to easily find email addresses. One of the most important aspects of the link-building process is conducting outreach. It includes applying to webmasters and requesting a link back to your site.

This process has a constant challenge with finding the proper contact information. You always have a risk of not reaching the right person and your messages will remain unread. Hunter.io helps to solve this problem by instant generating email addresses that are probably associated with the website.

Hunter.io helps to distinguish unverified and inactive accounts for you to avoid reaching out to them. It also provides search filters that make the process easier.


For those who are struggling to fulfill the specific niche in the online market and take the first positions, Semrush is an amazing opportunity. It will help you to operate your business without any help. The aim of this tool is to help the customer with building proper backlinks and boosting rankings.

This software provides a list of attractive SEO features such as rank tracking, keyword research, competitor analysis, and others. Link-building is one of the most popular tools among Semrush users. Those who have new sites and have no link-building strategy so far will appreciate the Semrush offer. It provides everything you need to develop the rankings indexes of your site.

Users also find it useful to search for potentially dangerous links that lower the site’s performance and level of security. There is also an opportunity to view and analyze the competitive sites and improve your website’s operation.

As you see, the variety of backlink-building tools is extremely wide. The choice of the platform depends on your needs and website specifics. Also, don’t forget about quality of your content, you can create suitable pictures with portrait photo editing service or other interesting photo services. 

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