Link building is often the most talked about concept in the digital world. When it comes to

gaining authority over your eCommerce site, link building is the key. What matters the quality of the source of getting the backlinks.

Ecommerce websites, with the right outreach techniques, often generate effective links. Such link-building often helps the website to gain referral traffic, moving up the SERP ranking, due to the flow of the rank-juice from high authority sites to lower ones.

Let us find out the 6 coolest and effective link-building mechanisms that you must try out!

1. Don’t undermine video content:

Having a video story-telling about your product is always an awesome thing. With video engagement growing multi-fold, it is the right time to release your video over on YouTube.

With the video-sharing link of the product, it will help the users coming back to your eCommerce website! You can also leverage analytics from the YouTube Data Studio to gain more inference regarding your demographics!

2.See what works out, be crazy:

One of the best ways to get more links is by being crazy. But, what do we mean by being crazy? It often means building the backlinks using the products which are outliers, in terms of product quality, product popularity, and performance. This is almost a no-brainer when it comes to gaining backlinks.

One such example is that of Zombie paintballing, marketed by With the help of the unique product, gained enormous backlinks, which improved their rankings, as well!

3.Millennial influencers ramping up the digital world:

Get the sponsored posts for the ever-so-vocal millennials. With the Instagram influencers charging close to $500 per post, it has become quite evident that people do listen to them! So, with the influencers sharing their secret for an awesome look, don’t forget to pitch in the link of your product in the description.

A perfect landing page, easy payment gateway, and cool testimonials always work wonders for the brand. 

4.Free product samples to bloggers:

Video is getting traction. Agreed! But, in no way it is planning to drive away from the content market! Blogs are here to stay, even longer than you can think of!

So, why don’t you find the best bloggers in your niche, hand them some really cool free samples and ask them to review it! Won’t it work out to be perfect to gain some cool backlinks from bloggers with more than a million page views!

5.Brand Ambassadors and Online Community:

As the name says, make your brand travel places using word of mouth marketing. Getting backlinks doesn’t just only mean a physical link! Someone referring to your brand, while walking across the alley, is a live product referral! Moreover, having brand communities means, your ambassadors are sharing the product, along with a link to it. And, every time this happens, your site gets the audience’s attraction!

6. Use service of Link Building Agency:

The above methods take time to be implemented properly. But if you want links within a short period of time then Ecommerce SEO service companies can be the best solution. They have collaboration with hundreds of sites in your niche, those sites allow links to ecommerce sites or product pages.

Bottom line: Modern problem-solving skills are needed to ace the issue of competition for backlinks! Look out for newer avenues and don’t just restrict yourself to these 6!

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