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Fujitsu U820 UMPCFujitsu has released the diary sized 5.6" U820 touch screen laptop refresh to their tablet line.  Offering massive improvements over its predecessor, the U820 provides longer battery life, an included Global Positioning System (GPS), an ultra clear WSXGA touch screen, and a 1.6GHz Atom processor. The device is completely ultra-portable, only weighing about 1.3 pounds.  The Fujitsu U820 UMPC can be purchased starting at a reasonable $1049.

The U820 features a built-in GPS receiver with integrated Garmin Mobile PC software.  It also comes pre-loaded with maps of the U.S. and Canada. With millions of destinations, points of interest, route planning, and turn by turn directions, this UMPC may even be able to replace your dedicated GPS navigation device. It’s a lot lighter than the previous U810. It’s also powered by Intel’s Centrino Atom Z series processor, which provides lower power consumption for a longer battery life, fewer chips, and integrated support for 1080p HD video decoding.

Fujitsu’s U820 comes with an additional row of keys and a new keyboard layout that provides a more QWERTY experience.  High-tech security features are included as well, such as a BIOS lock, fingerprint sensor, and a Kensington lock slot to repel physical theft. The HDD is up to 120GB or a 64GB SSD. The screen resolution has been greatly improved with a WXGA display, and you have the choice whether you want to use touch or pen on the screen.  Bluetooth wireless and a 1.3 mega-pixel webcam are also provided.  The UMPC comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Business or Home Premium.


HDPC Smartphone and UMPC HybridHDPC stands for Hybrid Portable Dual Computer.  The device originates from the consumer’s need for a portable device that is able to perform complex functions. When someone needs a light weight and small device that is able to perform like a desktop computer, a Smartphone could be a very attractive option.

The problem with many Smartphones is that they use a proprietary operating system. In other words, the OS that is used is different from the normal Windows OS that most computer users are familiar with. This means that applications for the Smartphone are limited, and it is rare for developers to venture into developing applications solely for the Smartphone OS, which causes consumer to consider other options.

Laptops and netbooks work like the personal desktop, but they can still be considered bulky when compared to a gadget the size of a phone. The UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) comes very close to meeting the needs of many consumers, but it does not include phone functions.

Fortunately, Korean company MIU managed to find a way to integrate phone functions into the UMPC. They call this the HDPC, which is actually a hybrid of the Smartphone and the UMPC. The HDPC runs on the Windows operating system. This means that the consumer is able to use the HDPC to launch any applications developed for the Windows OS. In addition, the owner of the HDPC can also use it as a normal phone.

It is not uncommon to see Chinese companies bundling several key features together in one device. On top of computer and phone functions, the HDPC also has a digital TV receiver built into it. Two cameras are built into the device as well – one is for video chat (VGA) and the other is for taking photographs (3 megapixels). Obviously, the goal is to have as many functions as possible, packed into a single device to ensure consumers do not have to bring multiple devices along while on the move.

Although the HDPC device may appear rather bulky at first glance, many consumers actually welcome the multiple functions offered by the HDPC. One can use it to play music, play videos, work on Microsoft Word documents, and even watch TV. These functions have never been realized in a single device. The HDPC is a sleek looking device. One may easily mistake the HDPC for an ordinary Smartphone but on closer examination, the top half of the device can actually be flipped open to reveal a Qwerty keyboard underneath.

Enthusiasts will eventually have to weigh several factors before making a purchase. These factors include the above mentioned features, the weight, and the price. Obviously, the features and weight (at less than 400g) are looking good. So that leaves the price. It has been stated on various news sources that if the price is around the $500 range, this can be one of the most tempting gadget to acquire.