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Opera has today released the 9.6 version of the desktop web browser software.  The web browser is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac based computers, with 38 localized versions.

The new version offers numerous new features, including the Opera Link tool, which synchronizes browser bookmarks and options among different computers and/or operating systems, as well as visual previews for RSS feeds.  The email client boasts a new highly optimized "low bandwidth mode" and message prioritizing.

Opera’s speed has also been increased from the previous version, offering an experience similar to that of Firefox 3, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8 beta.  Opera 9.6 can be downloaded here.


According to NetApplications, the new Google Chrome web browser release has already overtaken Opera in web browser market share. NetApplications has been monitoring Chrome usage hourly since its release, and reported that it reached a 1.57% market share on 9/4 at 2:00 AM EDT. The usage has dropped some since then, but never below the 0.74% market share held by Opera. At present, Google Chrome is holding at 1.09%. It’s disappointing for Opera since the Opera web browser is considered by most to be a better web browser in the current state. However, it’s not surprising considering Google’s dominance, branding, and coverage. As mentioned here before, Google Chrome is definitely a browser to watch in the coming year. Its usage is likely to skyrocket as the browser matures.