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ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme PC CoolerThe ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme Cooler is a large kit that expands on the quality of ThermalRight’s Ultra 120.  When you open the box, you’ll find the quite large Ultra 120 eXtreme unit, along with mounting hardware. As with most of Thermalright’s products, the Ultra 120 eXtreme is developed to be used in combinations with just about all of Intel and AMD’s recent models, including Intel’s new LGA 1366 socket to support Intel Core i7 965XE/940/920 processors. If you own an AMD AM2 board, you will have to make an extra purchase of the AM2 back metal plate. Remember that it’s best to check the motherboard compatibility list before making a purchase.  From the bottom to the tip of the heat pipe, the Ultra 120 Extreme stands 16.3cm. Being a huge cooler, it is best to also measure from the socket to where you will attach the case side panel, to ensure there’s enough free space before purchasing.

A great function of the Ultra 120 eXtreme is its ability to mount in many different positions, such as facing up, down, to the right or left of the motherboard. This gives you the flexibility to mount it in a way that you can direct the warm air out of the case. ThermalRight’s Ultra 120 and Ultra 120 Extreme do not come with a fan included. This can be a good thing because some users like to purchase a specific fan for their particular needs.  Your results can depend on the fan you choose, though, therefore consider selecting a high-end model to match the high-end cooling system.  One excellent option that was tested with this cooler is the Scythe S-Flex 800 RPM. The fan, in combination with ThermalRight’s Ultra 120 eXtreme, performed well enough to get within 1 degree Celsius of Thermaltake’s best cooler that was running at 1250 RPM.

The ThermalRight Ultra Extreme 120 is a very impressive cooling system when the right fan is selected.  The cooler may be considered pricy since it sells for $60 before buying the fan, but it will be well worth it for many users due to its low-noise and solid performance.


ASUS Triton 81 CPU Cooler for X58 SystemsASUS has released its first CPU cooler for the soon to be released Intel Core i7 platform. The ASUS Triton 81 offers a 90mm fan that functions between 800 RPM and 2,500 RPM, with a noise level of 18 dBA during normal operation.  The cooler is controlled by the motherboard’s PWM, and presents a blue glows when running.  ASUS’s Triton 81 is constructed of copper, and includes copper heatpipes that link its base with the fins.  The unit weighs 24.16oz, and supports Intel (sockets 1366 and 775) and AMD (sockets 939/940/1207/AM2/AM2+) motherboards.  Pricing and availability information has not yet been announced.


If you’re looking for a P45 motherboard, the MSI P45 Diamond is an excellent choice.  The Intel chipset (Eagle Lake) based motherboard is laced with incredible features, and is compatible with most LGA775 processors, like the Intel Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Duo, Pentium Celeron Dual Core, and Celeron. The image below showcases the boxing:

MSI P45 Diamond Motherboard Box

General Features Included

The physical dimensions of the product are 9.6 x 12 inch, and it is designed to exhibit compatibility with most current LGA775 processors. Here is the list of other general features one can expect from the motherboard.

  • Dual-core and quad-core support
  • The product is endowed with an 8-pin ATX12V connector, along with a 24-pin main power connector and 4-pin ATX12V connector
  • The motherboard supports dual-channel DDR3 RAM technology (up to 8GB)
  • Up to 2000FSB
  • Two PCI-e 2.0 x16 slots
  • Most importantly, the onboard audio device is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio

Advanced Features Available

MSI has always made an effort to offer innovation and advanced features in their products, including motherboards. The latest product P45 Diamond motherboard is no exception.

  • The motherboard boasts “Green Power” for the highest level of efficiency compared to rival products
  • The Northbridge features an advanced, 2-phase power design
  • Hi-CAP, the conductive polymerized capacitors, are also implemented in the design
  • A high definition, surround sound audio system is provided that offers 7.1 channels of audio output
  • Networking support is provided via Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and a Realtek RTL8111C network adapter
  • The BIOS enables ACPI 2.0 as well as DMI support

Circu-Pipe cooling has always been the trademark of MSI motherboards, however MSI has implemented a new liquid 2in/2out NB waterblock for enhanced cooling with this latest release.

Intel’s ICH10R Southbridge offers as many as 12 USB 2.0 ports and 6 SATA 3.0 ports. Also, server-class DrMOS is provided for impressive power efficiency, low temperatures, and enhanced stability with extreme overclocking. The design is able to maintain a working temperature that is as much as 16 degrees C lower than Mosfet-based options.

XpressCool technology is included in the design to offer zero noise and effective heat dissipation. RapidBoost is another new feature that is designed to help in achieving the highest overclock possible.

The packaging includes a large number of cables, including six SATA cables, three SATA power cables, an eSATA converter kit, and IDE and FDD cables. A backup CD and user manual are also provided.

The MSI P45 Diamond sells for about $275 through most sources.