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Either you’re already the envy of your friends with that iPad or you want to treat a loved one with a few surprises. Dress up and trick out the iPad to boost its style points and optimize its use. Yes, with a little accessorizing, it’s possible to take your iPad’s sexiness to new levels.

Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus

This pair isn’t just for cooks as it gives users the ability to interact with the iPad without worrying about making it dirty. The stylus and stand are hand-washable.

Belkin Chef Stand


Sometimes a small, flat gadget can be tough to type on. That’s not a problem with ComfyShell, which acts like a pillow for the iPad.


Duo Pop

Add popping controllers to play games with friends and family using compatible apps available on iTunes. Such games include In the Know, Guesstimation, Swoop and What on Earth?


Elecom Bluetooth Folding iPhone/iPad Keyboard

This light-weight portable folding keyboard comes with a carrying case, six multifunction buttons and a built-in stand.

Elecom Keyboard


Beautiful thin front-and-back protection available in many designs ranging from maps and art to patriotic and patterns. Artsy? Create your own.



Add character to the iPad with this protector that can stand on its own two feet and offers protection.



Turn the iPad into a retro desktop station reminiscent of the original Apple computers. iStation is available in two finishes, one is a faux wood finish with a white keyboard and the other is a white pearl glossy finish with a black keyboard. It includes buttons and dials for controlling volume, music and other features. Note: this is no longer available, but still worth a mention as you can request to be notified when it’s available.


L5 Universal Remote Control

Forget about keeping track of two or three remotes for one entertainment station. The customizable L5 Remote can control the TV set, DVD player, DVR and any other IR remote devices. It doesn’t require batteries, WiFi or a wall outlet. The L5 Remote app is free, so you can design your own remotes before buying the accessory.

L5 Remote

Monster CleanTouch Pen

Erase the smudges and fingerprints on the iPad with this pen that has an integrated clean cloth. Draw on the screen with the invisible pen, let the solution do the job for five to 10 seconds and wipe it clean with the cloth. The solution leaves behind a thin coating to prevent scratches and residue build up.

Monster CleanTouch Pen

Nomad Brush

Convert the iPad into a blank canvas and use this paintbrush that won’t scratch the screen.

Nomad Brush

OtterBox iPad 2 Reflex Series Case

OtterBox makes industrial strength cases that have prevented many gadgets from breaking. The case includes a screen shield that also acts as a stand, plus the case protects the front and back of the iPad.

Otterbox iPad

Square Credit Card Reader

Plug in the square into the iPad, install the free Square app and start collecting credit card payments with the iPad. The credit card reader is free as Square charges 2.75% per swipe.


Wi-Fi Body Scale

Use this scale with the Withings app to keep track of your weight, lean mass, fat percentage and BMI. Its dashboard can manage up to eight users.

Withings Scale


For those wanting more than a portable keyboard, the ZAGGfolio contains a removable and rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard and a built-in stand system for a sturdy experience that’s resembles typing on a laptop. It supports the iPad 2 in landscape and portrait orientation.


What other useful iPad accessories have you seen? What are your favorites?


You have probably been hearing the term “jailbreaking” a lot lately. No, it doesn’t mean busting out of jail and going on the run. It is a technical term applied to network-connected devices, and you can jailbreak anything from a Playstation to an Android.

However, the real debate has come from the jailbreaking of the iPhone, and with the amount of misinformation in the media, many people are wondering whether or not it is worth it.

What Is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking an iPhone is the process of selecting some kind of application that will allow you to use unauthorized apps (like games) not bought in the iTunes store.

These could have been made for the Android, or perhaps just created by a third party for Apple products. There are thousands of these on the Internet that are perfectly safe, functional and great to have.


RSS Feeds are an important part of website interaction. Subscribing to a page will let you get updates, see new information, keep up with current events or just see something funny when it is posted on a blog. Whatever it is you are looking for, these eight applications can give you a useful way to keep up to date, 100% free.

1. Fluent News

Fluent News

Fluent news isn’t actually an RSS reader, but rather an alternative to one. If you have found yourself annoyed by the way readers only show some of the most recent headlines, and you want something for news sites that provide a more comprehensive look on the days events, this is a nice app to download.

Both the New York Times and CNET were highly impressed with this reader, and gave it the “App of the Week” award.

2. The Feed

The Feed

Google and Apple are welcome known for having more than an innocent feud. The iPhone versus the Android (with tablets following from the competitors) have pitted the two against one another in the smart device category. But this app is a Goggle approved ereader that works on the iPad, providing a simple way to get RSS feeds.

The newest version fixed some of the bugs that users complained of with the first release.

3. Feeddler RSS Reader

Feeddler RSS Reader

Feedler comes in two versions, paid and free. The paid is $9.99, and is very feature heavy, so worth the cost if you plan on using your feeds a lot. But if you just need something basic, the free version should be more than enough.

4. MobileRSS HD

MobileRSS HD

Another Google reader, the MobileRSS HD is widely considered one of the greatest available, especially for free. It has specialized in keeping feeds synced up, so you won’t have to deal with the constant reloading of some RSS programs.It is also compatible with Google accounts.

5. Flipboard


This app was named App of the Year by Apple, and it does more than act as a feed reader. It also flips through photos, programs, account updates (such as on Facebook and Twitter) and more. It is an excellent program, though there have been provacy complaints. According to some users, the app scans the iPad to see if the user has jailbreaked the software to allow for third party applications not sanctioned through the iTunes store.

6. News Reader for iPad

News Reader for iPad

This is a really basic app that is almost identical to most other feed readers. But it is small, gets the job done, and is good for anyone that has nothing else they want it to do. I would recommend it for basic news sites only.

7. ReadSquare


ReadSquare is more social networking minded. It connects things that you and friends on sites like Facebook enjoy. Once these are synced up it keeps it all in one place, letting you quickly get updates and find information fast. Everything is hooked by tags, making it all easy to search.

8. Pulse


Pulse is a visual display RSS feed reader that you used to have to pay to use. Now it is completely free, and it offers an interesting way to get your info. It uses pictures instead of basic text headlines, and it is attractive and easy to sift through.

RSS Readers of the Future

These readers are a good example of how feeds have changed, and how simple it is to keep up. If you have been looking for a good, free app to let you watch your updates at the touch of a screen, these should give you more than enough to choose from.