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USB NES Game ControllerHere at Gadget Advisor, we are big fans of the classic Nintendo games, such as Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario Bros series.  When you have played a certain gaming console more than any other, you get used to its controller.  For those most comfortable with the classic NES controller, the Compwnent USB Nintendo NES Controller is ideal for PC game-play.  We have used a similar solution from another company, but sadly, the controller developed a problem over time, and by then the company who sold it was no longer offering them.  Therefore, it’s great to see a new option for NES USB controllers.  The controllers are not being mass produced, though.  So, act fast.  As of now, the the NES controllers can be purchased for $33.


Nintendo has officially announced an upgrade to the DS portable gaming console.  It is called the DSi, maintaining the trademark double-screen (DS).  The new unit features a larger 3.5" display, while becoming 12% thinner than the previous DS model.  The DSi does not include a GBA cartridge port, which means the console can no longer play GameBoy and GameBoy Advance games.  Otherwise, the DSi is extremely feature-packed, including cameras, paint software, advanced web browser, music playback, SD slot, internal storage, and more.

The DSi will launch on November 1st (Japan) with a cost of ¥189,000 (about $178 USD), which is in-line with the current DS model.  Dates for International releases have not yet been announced.


As we utilize more and more electronic devices in the digital home, controlling them becomes an important issue.  No one wants to keep up with or sort through a dozen different remotes for various devices in a home entertainment system and surrounding electronic equipment.  The Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Control is the perfect solution.  After reviewing numerous different remote control options and actually using Logitech Harmony remote controls for years, I can whole-heartedly recommend the Logitech Harmony remote control to anyone seeking a solution.  I prefer the 880 model’s buttons and additional display items, while others prefer the touch-screen and interface upgrades of the Harmony One.  However, both remotes use the same intelligent system, making either an excellent choice.

Both models support 15 or more devices.  The device database is extensive, and is perfect if you have lost a remote control or have a damaged remote.  Otherwise, you can also program a device from an existing remote control.  The setup wizards are intuitive and enable easy setup of devices.

One-touch operation is provided for operation, including turning on a device and any other component(s) that may be required to use it (such as turning on a TV also when playing a DVD).  Buttons can be customized for specific tasks.  Backlighting is provided for the buttons as well as the LCD display.  The remotes are also rechargeable via the charging station, with low battery notification available when in use.

The device compatibility for the Harmony remotes is incredible.  You can control a televisions, satellite or cable box, DVD player, video recorder, digital media player, TiVo or other PVR, game console, amplifier, stereo, or even a PC or home automation setup.  More than 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices are supported.