Designing an app for an iPhone or Android requires lots of work and dedication. The end product gives you pride and is worth the hours put into it, but another important step in building apps is getting users. This requires promoting the app through word of mouth and other methods.

When promoting an app, the trick is to make yours stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of other apps. Here are a few methods that may help you get the word out about your app:

1) YouTube ads. Sure, they can be annoying when you’re trying to watch a video – but if you make a short, 20 to 30 second ad that will catch the viewer’s attention, you’re reaching a huge demographic. It can get pricy, but if your company can afford to pay for them, they are beyond worth it.

These ads reach millions of people each day and if yours is well-designed and not annoying, you’ll have people downloading your app every hour.

2) Conventions. Each year, there are hundreds of tech conventions all over the country. The most popular and widely attended is probably the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Attending these conventions is a great way to gain exposure in the tech world, and you can

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This will make your app memorable so people actually go home and use it. This will also help with word of mouth promotions, as people will tell their friends if they have reminders with them such as stress relievers and pens with your app’s logo on them.

3) Social media. This may be the most important step in promoting your app. Making a Facebook and Twitter for your app is extremely vital in a world that depends on technology and people are attached to their laptops or iPhones at all times. Gaining “likes” and followers on these platforms will show how popular the app is becoming, and paying for Facebook ads will also gather more users.

Did you know the Angry Birds Twitter has almost 600,000 followers? As people download the app, they’ll want access to statuses and updates concerning it if there are any changes made – so keep the Facebook page and Twitter updated at all times. Not only does it expand the ground covered for your app, it makes your company relatable.

There are tons more ways to promote your app, but these are just a few. What ways do you promote your apps and gadgets? Tell us in the comments.