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5G: The New Frontier in Mobile Technology

According to a new report issued by Financial Times, technology companies Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia have all set their sights on the next great frontier in the mobile technology market. Laboratories filled with electronics engineers and developers around the world are currently locked in a bitter fight against one another to be the first to develop true 5G products for consumers everywhere.

Many of these companies, which Financial Times reports also includes giants like Samsung, hope to develop the types of patents and the electronics components that they need to support 5G capabilities by as soon as 2018. Ericsson in particular recently stated that they believe there will be 50 billion devices connected to cellular data networks around the world by 2022, which means that the major benefits that 5G brings with it need to get here sooner rather than later.

What is 5G?

5G is heralded by technology industry professionals as “the next major phase” of standards in the mobile telecommunications industry. In order to be considered 5G, a product needs to be capable of data transfer rates of several tens of megabytes per seconds or more, needs to be able to allow for several hundreds of thousands of users who are all connected to the same network at the same time, and should have spectral efficiency that is dramatically enhanced when you consider what 4G networks are currently capable of.

The Race for 5G – What Does It Mean?

On the surface, this new found “race for 5G” is absolutely a good thing for consumers everywhere. This means that the smartphones and other mobile devices of tomorrow are going to get faster while you browse the Internet. They’re going to allow you to make calls with greater reliability and they’re going to help make sure that you always have a strong cell phone signal wherever you go, regardless of factors like the weather or geography.

For electronic device manufacturers, this means that electronics components have become more important than ever. Not only do the networks themselves have to be upgraded to support this 5G standards, but the electronics components that devices run on need to advance, as well.

Because the data flow of the 5G standard is estimated at 100 to 1000 times greater than what 4G is capable of on the best of days, high quality electronics components are integral to this particular equation. The inner workings of smartphones and similar types of devices essentially need to leap forward in a pretty staggering way, all while getting physically smaller and smaller to support the “extreme mobility” trend that users have been embracing for the last several years.

As many different mobile technology businesses race to be the first to release 5G products to market, their relationship with electronics components suppliers becomes more and more important. Keep in mind that one product that underperforms could potentially undermine an entire business. In the world of mobile technology where new products are being released on a seemingly daily basis, reputation is of paramount of importance. A product that lacks the right electronic parts to live up to its promises could cause damage to a reputation that even the largest companies may never recover from.

As a result, electronics components suppliers like have gone to great lengths to help address certain supply chain challenges and other issues that businesses in this industry are facing on an increasingly regular basis. Verical has developed a pedigree scoring system, for example, to help clue in developers onto the origin of a particular type of part, its intended use, its warranty status, its overall quality and more. Not only does this help to address issues like counterfeiting, but it also helps significantly with purchasing decisions by providing actionable information that companies can use to make sure that they’re always moving forward in the right way.


Mobile apps are innovating many walks of life. The sheer volume of apps being created means there is one to complement most areas of work and recreation. Our health and fitness routines in particular have been enhanced by the various creative and quirky apps surfacing on smartphones and android devices.

Apps which measure heart rate, distance ran, and energy consumption are already staple parts of the modern fitness routine, as are exercise planners and personal training programs with personalised daily tips. But with so many available, it can be difficult to choose which apps are best suited to what area of your health you are looking to improve.

This list takes a look at some of the most useful, innovative and affordable (all under £5) apps currently available, which are helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

For the runners

Whether training for a marathon, hoping to shed some weight or relieving the mind of stress, running helps with many of life’s obstacles.

For beginner joggers and experienced runners alike, there is no better app to start with than the Endomando. After taking a fitness test upon first using the app, Endomando will accurately measure all types of movement from walking to water skiing.

Like Endomando, the Nike+ Running App will track statistics, provide comparative progress between each run along with the option to share your proud stats on social media. However the Nike + Running App also has some motivational extras, such as a crowd cheering audio effect and a collection of Power Songs to help conquer those extra few miles.

Nike have also released a timely system update for the launch of the Apple Watch, which will likely prove to be a more popular fitness companion due to its wearability during exercise.

Probably the most entertaining option for people who struggle to stay interested in running is Zombies Run! 3 – an app which immerses your running experience into an apocalyptic survival story. If you weren’t running fast enough before, then perhaps a flesh-eating zombie chasing will help you reach your fitness goals quicker.

For motivation

Music is a great motivator for most people, or as scientists like to call it: music disassociation.

The Spring App features a huge collection of DJ curated playlists featuring a mix of popular and alternative music which all runs on similar beats per minute. All you have to do is keep up with the beat and your workout will benefit naturally.

For those struggling to even get off the couch, C25K could be the app to take you out of your slump. With an audio coach taking the user through a variety of 30min walking and running exercises, this app makes the transition to regular exercise as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Sometimes though, it takes a bit of tough love to reach those exercise goals. Carrot Fit provides a healthy mix of harsh motivational words and outrageously funny commentary to make a workout more entertaining and constructive.

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle usually takes a lot of willpower too, particularly when it comes to big lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking.

LiveStrong’s MyQuitCoach offers a physician-approved way of quitting complete with a cravings tracker, personalised resolution maker and a nicotine consumption analysis.

Apps such as this can serve as an alternative or companion to the task of quitting smoking with the increasingly popular e-cigarette option. They may also be introducing a fresh competitive element into established industries – meaning we will probably see more of them.

As Noobpreneur reported in an article on how e-cig companies are trying to become recognised, major e-cigarette companies like TABlites are building a diverse selection of e-liquids in the hope that vaping will continue to play an important role in helping smokers quit tobacco. But with apps from potential smoking cessation competitors gaining praise and number, all vaping enterprises may be forced to compete with their own electronic cigarette apps.

For socializing

The social aspect of fitness cannot be underestimated. It is often a great way of meeting new people, spending quality time with friends and being able to learn and improve from peers.

Pump Up is the Facebook-Instagram hybrid for gym goers and fitness fanatics: a place to shamelessly upload your mirror selfies and to share words of inspiration and motivation with fellow people in your network.

For more of a competition element which also allows you to meet new people, Map My Run remembers any route taken while running, suggests routes that other joggers nearby have taken and allows you to compete with those local joggers at running the same routes.

Diets are also imperative to a health plan, but eating healthily never needs to be boring, nor does it have to negatively impact where you choose to eat out with friends. HealthyOut provides a superb directory for local eating venues by also showing dietary specifications, menu ingredients, type of cuisine and even points out the healthiest options on the menu.

As well as the numerous health benefits associated with yoga, attending regular classes has a fun social element too. Downloading one of the leading yoga apps such as Yoga Studio or Daily Yoga, gives access to over 50 types of yoga and meditation classes, complete with HD video tutorials. These apps eliminate the cost of regular yoga classes and can allow you and a group of friends to take a selection of classes together at your own pace and level.

3 Examples of How Modern Technology Is Informing Luxury

From our homes to the high street, modern perceptions of luxury have been growing steadily more reliant on technology.

Here are three examples of how technology is enriching the leisurely and luxurious side of our lives:

Bars and Restaurants

In the current era of self-service, D-I-Y supermarket checkouts and online airport check-ins have become increasingly routine and effective for time-saving. Self-service has also been introduced to bars, because even though going to the pub is a social experience, nobody likes waiting to be served.

The introduction of self-service machines in bars means queuing for 20 minutes to buy a round of drinks is no longer necessary. The Thirsty Bear in Waterloo operates with iPad menus and two beer taps installed on each table – all the customer requires is a swipe card upon entry to keep a record of their bar tab.

Inamo, a restaurant in Soho, has also put service in the hands of their clientèle. The menu is projected onto a touch-pad or E-Table in front of diners, allowing them to order food and drink, learn more information about the local neighbourhood and even arrange a taxi ride home from the comfort of their table.

G2 Digital, the bespoke hardware solutions company behind the E-Table, say that the popularity of devices like iPads and smartphones have enabled the integration of modern technology into unlikely environments, and we can expect it to continue.

The Personal Cinema Experience

Having a home cinema is no longer reserved for rich households. Home projectors are now available in a range of sizes and prices to suit most requirements. In order to come as close as you can to the home cinema experience, swapping a TV for a projector may be the right option.

High definition now comes as standard for a projector at all cost levels, while the latest models come equipped to play ultra high-def 4K films and 3D movies.

Projectors are also being favoured in place of TV screens for public events. Thanks to the emergence of technical event production companies like Perception and their range of AV equipment, portable, low-cost and high-quality projectors are now a popular choice for business events, family celebrations and nightclubs.

Any space can be transformed into an event room, with the correct equipment and the advice of a good AV supplier.

Smart Homes

The smart home is still in its early years, but it is already bursting with potential for technological innovation. Synchronisation between our lives and our homes will save us time, energy and money.

Nest Labs – acquired by Google in 2014 – have created a smart thermostat which adapts its heat settings to the homeowner’s weekly schedule and can be controlled remotely by a smartphone app.

Even one of the kitchen’s most basic appliances has been given the ‘smart’ treatment: what was once an ordinary kettle is now the iKettle. This clever appliance can be told, via a smartphone, to heat water to a specific temperature and will alert the user’s smartphone when it is ready for pouring or in need of refilling.

Smart home technology is a rapidly growing industry: the British Smart Homes Sector is valued at somewhere between £910m and £975m according to a report by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association.

Domain Name Renewals: Procrastination is Painful

If you’re like most website managers, you’ll spend weeks or months agonizing over the perfect domain name when it’s time to register your domain name. Unfortunately, many of them are guilty of making inadequate efforts to keep them once their hosting contract expires. Allowing your domain name rights to expire exposes your company to unnecessary hassle and expense, and may even result in the loss of a memorable domain name.


When a domain name expires, the website associated with it will become unavailable as well along with any other services connected to the web hosting services provider such as a customer database, payroll or email accounts. Most providers will allow their clients a short grace period during which they can renew their domain names at the listed price, and this period is usually around 30 days after the contract expires. If payment is made during this period, the domain is reinstated as soon as possible and all services will be restored.

Redemption Period

Webmasters who fail to take advantage of the grace period web hosting service providers frequently provide see their accounts lapse into what is known as a redemption period. The length of a redemption period varies by provider, but is most often around 120 days, and during this time webmasters can still reclaim their domain addresses, but at a far higher cost. If this fee is paid, normal domain control is returned to the owner of the website.


After the redemption period specified by the web hosting services provider has elapsed, the domain name is considered to have been abandoned. Webmasters who abandon their domain names lose all rightful claim to the use of the domain name and any associated services, and the domain name may be put back on the marketplace.

However, webmasters who inadvertently allow their domain addresses to lapse into this state and wish to avoid the heavy surcharges associated with web page renewal after an extended lapse still have some recourse to reclaim their URL after the redemption period expires.

The domain name being placed back into circulation gives the original owner of the name one last chance to reclaim his creation at its original price, although this method does run the risk of a creator being outbid or beaten to the purchase by an opportunistic third party. For these reasons, it is always best for savvy webmasters to maintain as much control of their domain names as possible by keeping their accounts in good standing.

The Democratizing Impact of Mobile Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has superior resolution and color than any other mobile device on the market. And while a lot of people use those facts to highlight how much better it’ll be to watch Game of Thrones and the like, I see this technology as an empowering tool for lots of people. Samsung has managed to make this technology affordable. It’s not cheap, mind you, but it’s within the realm of possibility for most North Americans to purchase if they really wanted to. The amount of technology and faculty that exists within this device is remarkable, the sum total of which could cost more than a house just ten or fifteen years ago. One of the most significant technologies of all is the Edge’s excellence in photography and video.

Baltimore has been in the news constantly over the past weeks. It all stems from the events surrounding Freddie Gray’s death due to alleged police abuse and negligence. Possibly the most important piece of evidence gleaned is the cell phone video recorded by a passerby, as Gray’s limp body was lugged by cops into the waiting paddy wagon. Because of what we have learned from this and other evidence, this case will likely create a precedent by which measurable changes will be made in American life.

The mobile device in the pocket of the observer demonstrates how important it is to always have the ability to take a video or a picture of something that is happening around you. As devices like the Edge become even more affordable and plentiful, abuses like the ones alleged in Baltimore are going to be harder to hide. Life as it is really lived is going to be recorded and shared. Laws will be made accordingly, not according to legislative whim, but according to facts as presented in consumer recorded video, image, and audio. It is naive to think that the Edge and other mobile devices will bring about Utopia, or that all legislative changes from here out will be good. But the ability to record reality in detail, in the pocket or millions of people, is an empowering development for normal people, a freedom granted that exceeds the power of many given in the American constitution. The people have always had a voice. But now they can amplify it, better than ever before.

To learn more about The Next Big Thing head to:

Indispensable Home Gadgets to take Advantage of Smart Wi-Fi

Are you looking for ways to make your home more convenient? Take advantage of smart wireless technology and deck your pad out in the latest household gadgets. You can now use your smartphone to control your home’s temperature, upgrade security features, and even tend to your garden! A fully connected home can save you time and even money, if you know where to look, but be sure that you have a network that’s strong enough to handle the extra load. Here are a few top household gadgets that require a solid smart wi-fi or mobile connection.


Image Source: Pixabay

Dropcam Wireless Camera for tighter security

Install the Dropcam in your home to offer continual vision, both day and night. You can then hook up the corresponding mobile phone app or Web browser to view a live stream of what’s going on in your home, zooming in when necessary. Ideal for parents, frequent travellers, or those who live in urban areas, the camera will send you automatic alerts if it senses motion or sound.

HarvestBot SensorStation for a greener garden

Give your garden a little bit of extra TLC with the Harvest Geek System. This involves planting a small sensor directly into your garden soil, where it tracks water, temperature, light, and humidity levels to help you know exactly when your plants are running low on essential water or nutrients. The sensor connects to a base station that alerts you via mobile or web apps, so that you know just what to do in order to keep your garden lush.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead for a more satisfying shower

So you’ve worked out the ideal way to water your garden, but how about yourself? Try installing the Kohler Moxie Showerhead or similar device for a way to enhance your shower experience. There’s Bluetooth built into the showerhead, automatically connecting to your tablet or smartphone to stream your favourite tunes. Take singing in the shower to the next level.

Greenwave Reality Lighting for more efficient energy use

Are you trying to shave a bit of money off of your energy bill each month? It may be worth shelling out for this smart lighting system. The lights use energy-efficient LED bulbs to begin with, but they also come equipped with a microchip that lets you program the level of lighting you need. You can program this according to certain times of day, for example, to create your own advanced lighting network. And when you’re at home, you can control your bulbs with the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Vivint for full-home smart Wi-Fi experience

Using a system like Vivint feels a bit like living in the home of the future – it automates your entire home in terms of security and temperature. You can lock your windows and doors at a distance, monitor what’s going on inside and out with a camera feed, and control the temperature depending on the weather to make sure you’re always coming home to a comfortable house. Nexia smarthome is a similar way to use smart wi-fi from Nokia Networks or other providers, allowing you to use a network of security cameras and sensors to control your domain at a distance.

When it comes to security and efficiency, these new smart wireless devices are must-haves for a more convenient home.


It’s quite obvious that those on the cutting edge of the latest gadgets and technology are simply hooked on all things Apple. This includes the company’s latest iPhone, which offers a wide selection of greatly improved features perfectly suited to tech-savvy users in search of an optimized smartphone experience.

In this respect, the iPhone 6 has much to offer virtually every consumer with an eye on advancing technology. Much of this appeal lies in this device’s numerous revamped features, which afford superior photo capture and video recording, simplified methods of purchasing both online and in-store, and a lightning-fast processor offering 84 times the performance of previous versions. This allows both optimum computing capability, as well as exquisite graphics ideal for gaming and watching videos.


When it comes to technical specifications, the iPhone 6 clearly goes above and beyond what is commonly expected from mobile devices. Advancements range from practical concerns like extended battery life to a selection of futuristic finishes featuring the very latest in attractive colors.

  • Capacity ranges from 16GB to 128GB
  • 7”/5.5” Retina HD display (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, respectively)
  • Fingerprint-resistant screen coating
  • Available in silver, gold, or space gray finishes
  • Maximum brightness of 500 cd/m2
  • Home button features fingerprint identity sensor
  • Longer battery life (up to ten hours of web surfing on LTE)
  • Enhanced image stabilization (available with the iPhone 6 Plus only)
  • Ultra-fast A8 Processor

In addition to the above specs, the iPhone 6 also includes many new and exciting features aimed at amplifying the user’s overall experience. These additions have greatly improved on past designs in several areas that are vastly important to consumers.

Optimum Video Recording

One of the latest iPhone’s most exciting advances involves enhanced video recording capability. Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus allow video recording in 1080p HD, with the option of 30 or 60 fps. This is particularly useful when it comes to shooting things in motion, such as sporting events or capturing footage while in a vehicle. These new recording features offer even amateur videographers the ability to shoot crystal-clear footage under many different circumstances.

An Abundance of Smart Sensors

Sensor technology has become standard in mobile devices over the past few years. In addition to the numerous sensors available in past versions of the iPhone, the latest release includes yet another useful iteration. The built-in barometer enables optimized location tracking when using apps, while also keeping tabs on your exact latitude. This can make more efficient weather tracking possible, which is important for those users who spend much of their time outdoors.

One-Touch Buying Courtesy of Apple Pay

While near field communication (NFC) mobile payments have yet to become a widespread phenomenon, Apple Pay just might change all that. Thanks to the newly implemented NFC chip, the iPhone 6 possesses the potential to render your mobile device into a digital wallet. When armed with a new iPhone and a reliable network, this technology can be used to make purchase anytime and anywhere. While the most difficult aspect of making NFC payments work is getting major companies on board, Apple has been faring quite well in this respect. Partnerships have been forged with numerous well-known retailers, in addition to the top three credit card companies.

Advanced Calling Features (VoLTE and WiFi)

Voice calling has been an ongoing issue for numerous smartphone users. Many cell networks afford subpar service, much to the chagrin of those attempting to make and receive calls. Apple has met these challenges head on with its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) capability. This function can help standardize voice calls, which can then result in improved call quality. WiFi calling is also available to users, which is an ideal option for those low-coverage areas. While these voice calling features are truly notable, they do require participation from your respective mobile carrier.

The Features Users Demand

Staying ahead of the curve is important when new technology is concerned. Of course, such advances require more than simply adding a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles that are sure to lose appeal once the novelty fades. True innovation involves knowing which features consumers require to improve their lives, whether that involves work, play, or a mixture of both.

Fortunately, the iPhone 6 is brimming with a number of great features that smart consumers demand. This falls in line with Apple’s dedication to ardent fans of their innovative products, who often set the tone for future advancements. Accordingly, the company’s latest iPhone is already a proven success to those seeking superior mobile technology.


The mobile phone industry is perhaps one of the worst in the world for actually delivering on promises. In part, this is because it’s propped up on the hodgepodge mix of global carrier networks, contract restrictions and phone locks that keep phone manufacturers in business, but there’s more. It’s an enormous mess of promises no one’s keeping, or could possibly ever hope to keep. In fact, it’s so bad that typical government ineffectiveness reaches new heights in terms of unnecessary, ineffective, and outright questionable regulation.

A great example of this is the fact that opening postal mail to scan the contents is more than a bit illegal, while scanning the contents of an email or SMS message is perfectly acceptable, as long as you’re using that information to sell ads (what?). In fact, Google championed that cause, you know, the guys who make that awesomely ineffective OS that every phone manufacture on the planet has customized beyond usability? It, like Android, was all done in the name of selling more ads, by tricking you into giving up more of your information, but that’s just one side of things (more on Google later).

The other side of things is a bit shadier.

An unofficial cadre of brand advocates, brand terrorists, and brand mercenaries runs the other side of cell phone marketing. Just like McDonalds is reported to pay some bloggers upwards of £15,000 a year to blog, these are people who have been paid to lie to you. They lie either because they have been paid to lie; they are fanatics about their chosen product (think: Lord of the Flies – the book, not the movie); or they’re just plain evil genius and want your advertising dollars. Let’s take the recent iPhone BendGate stories, which many a sucker bit into, blindly retweeting and sharing without even having the slightest idea of what goes into making and stress testing a phone. Before you go thinking we’re Apple fanatics, that’s not the case. We just appreciate evil genius.

You see, mobile phone marketers, like any other kind of marketer, prey on a combination of ignorance, fear, and outright stupidity on part of consumers. They also generally lack ethics. This lets companies expand brand awareness, while maintaining distance from anything that might go sideways (lack of ethics). That isn’t to say that these companies don’t have their own dog and pony shows, as anyone who has kept tabs on the Apple and Samsung wars knows. Rather, it’s to say that companies can turn marketing experiments out into the wild, without fear of direct repercussion.

To take the BendGate example, a guy who had bent other phones decided to put a sensationalist spin on his own little experiment. That was pure evil genius (and maybe he got paid too, who knows?). What we do know is that he got huge views, and was noticed by everyone and their brother (or sister) around the world. In fact, he got about 55 million views in a month. That’s more than 1,800,000 views a day, or about 1,200 views a minute.

Are you familiar with Google AdSense?

Yes, back to Google. You see, they pay people who run their ads based on CPM, which is the payment value per thousand ads views (like the evil geniuses at BendGate). While CPM, varies considerably, a safe estimate is about £2, but we’ll knock that down and assume the BendGate guys had an extremely low CPM of £1.00 per thousand ads (honestly, it’s much more, but we’re using kid gloves here, so bear with us). Now, take 55 million YouTube views divided by the 1,000 views it takes to make £1 in our experiment. That gives us a nice easy number of 55,000 – or £55,000 in ad revenue from the BendGate story.

That adds up to 80 iPhone 6 phones (you know, the £700 a piece 128G ones)

So yeah, a bunch of clowns got on the bandwagon and pumped a huge chunk of change into a guy who also happens to be reselling hosting in his YouTube signature, with a discount code, of course. That’s absolutely something worth buying into, right? He’s not alone though. There are happy families using the crappy service of second rate UK phone companies in every ad you see, buying into plans with modified phone operating systems choked by bloat ware (yay Android), and users with blazingly fast download speeds that mysteriously don’t work for anyone else, or anywhere else.

People in these adverts seamlessly pay for things with their mobiles, make calls, or instantly receive messages, which don’t usually ever work that way. Even when they do work, it’s hit or miss, and we as consumers have lined up for it in droves. You’d think we loved it, because every time an unbelievable claim comes out, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 having an impossibly long battery life, it’s taken as gospel by most folks. They only later find out that they were sold a lemon, but to admit that, they’d have to face the fact that they were swindled.

In other words, we’re all wearing the Emperor’s new clothes, and they were sold to us by the mobile industry. Since none of us want to complain too much, we instead target those who have legitimate claims that highlight our own stupidity, and single those poor suckers out. If you broke the screen on your phone, it’s because you must have done something wrong – not because just maybe phones could be made a little better. Of course, none of this is to say that there isn’t a healthy dose of human ignorance and stupidity at play too. Instead, it’s to say that we’ve bought into a lower quality of product. We accept it, and just like Windows operating systems that don’t work, or impossibly difficult to root and update Android phones, we’re generally ok with that. At least, as long as it’s the next chap picking up the tab.

So, the next time a cell phone company tells you something, instead of focusing on the shiny device in front of you, ask yourself if they’re making plausible claims. Don’t just buy or believe something because it looks good, or has a nice wrapper. Do your homework, or ask us to do it for you (we take article requests), and pay attention to the fine print. You’ll thank yourself (and us) for it later.


For Apple, “Bendgate” has proven to be a blip on the radar, a lapse, a momentary embarrassment. Even though their big new phone bent, so famously, in a number of widely seen internet videos, the so-called scandal has done nothing to diminish the mobile device’s swollen market share. In fact, sales of the 6 are set to match or exceed those of the 5 and its variants from this time last year. In fact, Apple, and their newly publicly out CEO Tim Cook, seem totally nonplussed.

In the 3rd quarter of 2013, between 10 and 15% of all phones sold in the US were 6+s. This is all the more surprising, because that figure was achieved with this phone being available only for the final two weeks of that quarter. This is all the more startling because, despite the comical bending, Apple faced other challenges with their new, larger phone. Supplies were sold out nearly instantly, Apple struggling to meet demand. iPhones, including older versions, represented nearly 50% of all phones sold in the past month and a half. Final numbers from the most recent quarter have yet to materialize, but Apple has been explicit that over 10 million of their mobile phone products were sold since the most recent iPhone released.

And Apple is only doubling down. By the end of this month, Apple will have launched iPhone 6 in 36 new countries. When one considers that over half of the world still has no direct access to these products, the potential for growth is enormous, and Apple seems poised to seize the day. This flies in the face of prophets of doom who felt sure that the company would implode following the death of founder Steve Jobs. In reality, it seems that it’s business (world conquering business) as usual.

The iPhone 6 available from Virgin Media and other carriers has achieved all of these totals as the most expensive iPhone offering yet. Without a contract, consumers can (and do) pay over $750 for one of the 6+ models, but it seems to discourage no one. Their contracted models are even one hundred dollars cheaper than flagship models in earlier iterations. Where, exactly, is the ceiling?

Of course, iPhone is so much more than a phone. With this, and the introduction of their new watch device, Apple seeks to unify much of a person’s daily habits onto a single device. For those of us who could nary be separated from our mobiles for even a few minutes, the devices’ popularity is not difficult to understand. While competitors Samsung and others continue to command significant market share, it seems Apple’s industry to define and innovate. And they’re managed to survive for at least one more product cycle.


Technology is advancing so fast that every year there are bigger and better choices when it comes to what computer system to buy. This is especially true when it comes to computer gaming systems.

Computer manufacturers are always updating graphics cards and processor speeds and adding more RAM to their systems in hopes of making it THE computer that will make gamers feel a part of the games they play. If you’re in need of the newest tech for gaming, here’s a look at some of the best bets in gaming laptops that can be purchased right now.

MSI Gt72 Dominator Pro


Best price: $1,999.99 (via newegg)

The MSI Gt72 Dominator Pro is a high quality gaming laptop for the basic computer user. The processing speed is fast without reaching supersonic speeds.

What I say first when see this laptop is GTX 980M! It’s the first mobile graphics solution to reach a score over 10,000 in 3DMark11*!

One more bonus: offering replaceable MXM graphics module, the GT72 is more flexible when it comes to future upgrades.

When you consider the high quality graphics card, the high processor speed and the affordability factor, the MSI Gt72 Dominator Pro is a gaming laptop to keep an eye on.

Razer Blade Pro



Best price: $2,349.99 (via Amazon)

Whether you are a serious or casual gamer, the Razer Blade Pro offers you a great computer gaming system. The best features of the Razer Blade Pro are: the future 4th gen Intel® Core™ processors formerly known as Maxwell, next generation NVIDIA® GeForce GTX® graphics, and a faster solid state drive.

It’s a thin, lightweight laptop.

The Razer Blade Pro has a multi-touch LCD Track-panel, which provides gamers with the image quality they are looking for in a computer gaming system.

Alienware 18


Best price: $2,081.99 (via Dealpursue and Bestbuy)

With the right upgrades and added features the Alienware 18 can be the perfect gaming system.

Some of the great extra goodies include 4th generation Intel® Core i7 processors and 4.4GHz blazing speeds. With an 18″ Full HD panel you’ll be ready to game without sacrifice. Aletrnatively, you can plug in to an external 3D TV for theater-style gaming experience.

The customizable features of the Alienware 18 allow gamers to make sure they’re getting the system they want without having to purchase items that aren’t needed.

The ability to pick the graphics card, processor speed and RAM size of their choice seems to be the popular trend amongst purchasers of gaming laptop systems. With this unique ability to customize gaming laptops, many fans just might decide that this is the right time to make that dream purchase.

What’s your choice?